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3rd October 2013

The goddess may be ready to rebirth herself into a new authentic self expression, to commit to a new time-line / reality, but feeling guilty (due to old time-line programming) that she should stay and 'mother' her old partner even though he is not growing, and to join him in his reality leaves her feeling dead inside, i.e. that their relationship is now only possible by sharing a reality based on his inner emotional deadness, a death she can no longer 'live' and must leave behind. or would be sacrificing her own growth.

Given the higher guidance [mankind] are receiving that now is the time to jump time-lines, before it becomes impossible or extremely difficult to do so, (we may do so by 2015-09-27, but with much more effort as time progresses), many of our relationships will be faced with this choice. Which is truly your priority?
Staying together?
or Ascending as high as you can go?
In some cases there are spiritual contracts in place, essentially choices the higher selves are committed to, which, as consciousness ascends to merge with, becomes one's reality.

There is also another option, that of the soul bonded couple, where on all levels their pairing is appropriate, and serves their individual growth with great positive synergy by being together. This will usually have been intended and contracted from the higher self level, or will not be fully successful unless the higher selves agree to it in cases where it was initiated from a lower self level.

"We are preceiving a pattern of [mankind] now, even within our 8D Portals, where, regardless how much inner growth and consequent relationship growth is happening, couples are maintaining a facade of stability and 'same old same old' for their friends and / or society, as there is still a collective belief of old time-lines, that social status / standing / success / abundance is dependent upon appearing 'stable'. The flip side of this is that some are holding their positions within a more growth-oriented 'society' by pretending to be growing when really they are not. Therefore, now we are seeing more friction between the appearance of self or couple as presented 'to the world', and what is really going on behind closed doors. Indeed, these are challenging times of both high and low growth rates, and the different choices regarding growth rate, and the levels of commitment thereunto, are creating great turmoil in many relationships. Indeed, it is very much a time of choosing one's future, and the choices of today have both great power to shift one's path, and great responsiblity and consequence that one's path may be so far different, based upon the choices one is now making. This is, of course, why we have chosen to focus upon, making the largest difference we can make, here and now, with the Kaua'i 8D angelic crystal faery ascension portal, as it is a key for both the planetary collective, and for the individuals living within it, and thus, we bring this reminder to consciousness, that for Kaua'ians now, choices affect first your own time-line, secondly your relationships, and thirdly, the planetary collective. This is also why we have been emphasizing both accountability for choices, and that choices be made within a consciousness of affecting more than self therewith. This is the galaxy's most sensitive 'pressure point' right now, and we are doing our best to apply wise accupressure, to this precious little island, with reminders to be in joy, and in magickal play. Kaua'ians are very much challenged to rebirth themselves authentically into their highest possible expression of essence, for doing so sets the planetary energy patterns. It is time for 'Fae Play'." Upon query, the crystal faeries tell me: "You can sleep now, celeste, we'll channel more later."

As i continue to integrate with my 8D angelic crystal faeries family, it becomes less clear what is my own unique "thought", and what is sourced in our collective shared consciousness, therefore, what i am "channelling", and what is my own higher self. While the transition was a little uncomfortable, all of the energetics have stabilized, and i am quite comfortable now with our shared family intent and will, and am paying far less attention to the source of motivation, and simply enjoying flowing with my new energetics and consciousness.

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