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1st January 1970

A Public Declaration and Private Notice of Immediate Withdraw of Consent

i, celeste:crystalfaery, a living soul of flesh, blood, and sound mind, born to a natural mother and father of the family Kirsten on 23 June 1950, currently living upon the abundant, plentiful, and fertile soil of goddess Gaia, hereby declare my full and complete renunciation, revocation, denouncement, and withdraw of consent - to the creation of, operation of, and participation in - the deceptive corporate STATE OF CALIFORNIA, the deceptive corporate STATE OF HAWAII, STATE, and UNITED STATES misrepresented as a Union state, and the united States of America.

This flesh and blood "Withdraw of Consent" applies to every fiction or action - foreign to goddess’s law - past, present, or future - includes but is not limited to: any unconscionable agreement, actionable fraud, deceptive legal obligation, hidden devise, contract, or novation relating to any public trustee, subject, citizen, resident, artificial person, individual, actor, employee, customer, vessel, wreck, corporate fiction, commercial entity, chattel property, debtor, legal term, legal fiction, charge, claim, proxy, trust, estate, status, standing, station, or any possible combination of carefully constructed words of art, CAPITIS DIMINUTIO MAXIMA, or other creative color or fiction of law misrepresentation of my true flesh and blood existence, intentionally designed to replace my private life, liberty, and property, with man made public policy, corporate privileges and immunities, civil liberties, political statutes, and commercial liabilities, enforced through a villenous transfer of will by expilatio or the presumption of consent to any fictional State citizenship such as the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, the STATE OF HAWAII, UNITED STATES, UNITED NATIONS, or Crown, or Pope, Papacy, or Pontif.

All past, present, or future commercial, legal, or political participation within the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, STATE, or within the STATE OF HAWAII, STATE, UNITED STATES, UNITED NATIONS, and Crown, and Pope, Papacy, and Pontif, including any related subsidiary, franchise, political subdivision, or participatory corporate entity, shall be considered acts under duress, protest, and without prejudice until such a time as we, the men, women, and children non-immigrant strangers and non-resident aliens living upon the soil - who constitute the children of goddess - return to nature’s only true and just system of law - goddess’s law. Additionally, this flesh and blood "Withdraw of Consent" includes but is not limited to: any voter registration that results in the institution of a privileged political body or corporate government - foreign to goddess’s laws; Any fictional or corporate diminishment of man’s natural physical existence and lawful standing or status within or without any (e)state - foreign to goddess’s laws; Any forum whatsoever administrated by a fiction or an imposter - foreign to goddess’s laws; Any fiction of law, corporate (e)State, political subdivision, agency, franchise, subsidiary, entity, office, extension, department - foreign to goddess’s laws; Any debt based, non-equitable, currency or negotiable instrument devoid of value, or any system of usury - foreign to goddess’s laws; Any fictional encumbrance, trusteeship, contract, citizenship, suretyship, joint venture, impressment, employment, license, registration, certification, enrollment, entitlement, act, action, statute, or regulation – foreign to goddess’s laws;

Let it be known that on this very day, i, celeste:crystalfaery, a private "sui juris" non-immigrant stranger, non-resident alien, bona fide woman of sound mind and creation of goddess; one of the true physical inheritors of goddess Gaia’s land and unconditional sole steward of all that is my existence as a gift from goddess - seal by the blood of my own hand - the actions of political expatriation, purgatory oath, and Withdraw of Consent, reclaiming the rule of goddess’ law and the laws of nature and thus my goddess-given unalienable rights.

And that from this day forward, any trespass upon goddess’s creation, by any fictional creation of man, shall be rendered - ab initio - invalid, unlawful, null and void.

i have never authorized by my own hand or blood, and by my own free will, consciously, and with full disclosure, consented to any man created status or fiction foreign to goddess’s law, such as that of the 14th Amendment UNITED STATES citizen. In fact, no man or woman of goddess, would ever knowingly agree to, assent to, authorize, or consent to - any fictional creation of man - over the law and rule of goddess. to be clear, as a woman designated to be an inheritor, custodian, and steward of goddess gaia’s land - i will never - by consent or force - break that trust by relinquishing any of my liability, authority, or dominion to a fictional representation of my existence. To this truth, on this day, i do seal forever by the blood of my own hand.

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