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1st January 1970

To: Whom it May Concern
From: celeste:crystalfaery
For: celeste:crystalfaery
c/o: General Post Office
Keneke St. 1
Kilauea, Kaua'i, UM

Notice of Withdrawal of Appearance as Agent

i, a living woman, hereby withdraw any and all appearances of myself or anyone else acting as my attorney or guardian in the representative capacity as agent for the business organization(s) known as "ANGELA ANANDA KIRSTEN / Angela Ananda Kirsten" or "ANGELA KAHEALANI / Angela Kahealani" or "CELESTE CRYSTALFAERY / Celeste Crystalfaery" or any similar name that could be confused with mine, subject to my receipt of your written, verifiable claim and proof of claim to the contrary before 2016-06-23.


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