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1st November 1970
[Wholistic Health = Love Thyself]

Ascension / Community

All is frequency, so our ascension of consciousnes, of "reality", correlates with an elevation of perspective, expectation, and relationship, and, therefore, we may find ourselves compelled to change, in appropriateness to our raising frequency, our choices and manifestations of geography and community, to the extent our consciousness is focussed upon duality. Alternatively, we could be in oneness consciousness.

Relationship... is the mirror in which you discover yourself. Without relationship you are not; to be is to be related; to be related is existence. You exist only in relationship; otherwise you do not exist; existence has no meaning. It is not because you think you are that you come into existence. You exist because you are related; and it is the lack of understanding of relationship that causes conflict. - Krishnamurti


When we create / manifest in a sense of wholeness, being one with all that is, then the only value we have, to associate with a "thing" (state, condition, relationship), is the level of its appropriateness to be in our reality. Accomplishing this perspective requires overcoming the lower chakra "need"-iness, and the desire-body's attachment to having something desired, so that one comes to neturality emotionally, about the presence or absence of anything in one's life. From this perspective, one operates as creator intending that, that which is appropriate to be a part of one's reality, is present, "of course"! When one is focussed upon appropriateness, then the associated "feeling" related with "having" something manifest in ones reality is that all of reality is appropriate, and therefore the feeling is simply "peace". In this condition, energy is relatively "at rest", so the visualization to create the reality is much more related with the deep peace of knowingness that all is appropriate. In this perspective, the focus is upon the reality which is appropriate already existing. This contrasts greatly with any focus upon any process of attaining, characterized by desire and fulfillment.

All there is in your life is the eternal now moment -
and your experience of the moment is created by the programming in your head.
- Ken Keyes in "Handbook to Higher Consciousness"

What does it mean, to be whole?
It means that we must be willing to conceive of,
to contain within ourselves,
whatever is "other than" any limited idea.
It means knowing that when we create a positive,
we are at the same time creating a negative
[when we create within the lower realms of duality, e.g. when we create in our mind rather than in our heart--celeste]
When we choose an ideal of knowledge,
then we must deal with the ignorance that is other than the knowledge.
When we emphasize an ideal of holiness,
then we must live with the sin that is its companion,
and accept our responsibility for having created it.
However, if we remain constantly open and unresisting to such negatives,
[what we resist, persists--celeste]
we are not compelled to dwell on them:
If we allow that ugliness is always within us,
then we are free to create beauty.
If we know that stupidity is always within us,
then we are free to emphasize this intelligence.
Love is the highest and holiest action because
it always contains that which is not love within itself,
it always and ever moves to include the unloving.
- Thaddeus Golas in "The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment"

Wholistic Living

Wholistic Living is both an attitude and a practice of:

Financial Health Information

A man who was ragged and appeared to be without anything in a physical sense came upon a road boss and said,
"Can you help me? i need work."
The road boss said,
"Fine, take that large boulder over there and roll it up and down the hill. If you need work that will fulfill your need."
The man said,
"You don't understand, what i really need is money."
The boss replied,
"Oh, if it is only money you need, here is fifty dollars. But you cannot spend it."
Again the man was perplexed.
"You don't understand, what i really need is food, fuel and clothing, not just money."
The boss again replied,
"If you are sure this is what you need, then spend the money for food, fuel and clothing,
but don't eat the food, or burn the fuel or wear the clothing."
The man was finally forced to look at what he really needed, which was
a sense of security, peace and inner satisfaction.
All totally invisible, all within the mind. All divine sustenance.
- Dr. Wayne Dyer in "Real Magic"

Physical Health Information

A monk asks: "Is there anything more miraculous than the wonders of nature?"
The master answers: "Yes, your awareness of the wonders of nature."
- Angelus Silesius

Wholistic Living Information

The wholistic approach to physical health is fairly simple... get good nutrition into your body with a minimum of toxins, and clear your body of toxins and wasteproducts. All pharmaceutical "drugs" are by nature toxic to your body, because the only way they can be so outrageously profitable to the Rockefellers is to hold exclusive patents on them, and the only way to make something patentable is to make it sufficiently different from natural (bio)-chemical molecules, which are actually nutritious for your body, that they are un-natural and therefore are not processable by your body.

Mercury Fact: As the U.S. Congress has mandated the end of incandescent lighting, the use of fluorescent light bulbs continues to increase. These utilize a small amount of mercury contained within the tube, excited electrically to the high temperature and high energy state of a plasma. As the mercury atoms relax back down to a lower energy state, meaning an electron shifts orbit, a photon of ultraviolet light is radiated, and it then strikes the phosphor lining inside the tube, excites an atom there, which also experiences an orbitally excited state until it relaxes into a lower orbit and emits a photon of visible light. Ever struck a tuning fork? It oscillates, right? So what do you have oscillating overhead? A mercury tuning fork. Now, what is homeopathic medicine? Little things like tiny vials of water or sugar pills, which were stimulated with a frequency, and still contain that resonance pattern, with which to trigger your energy field to vibrate / oscillate at the same frequency as the original medicine. So, what's everyone doing lately? Everyone's taking homeopathic Mercury. Never mind how much is in your food or water. It's in your aura. For many, that means all day at the office and part of the night in domicil.

Emotional Health Information

A Zen story concerns an elder monk in a Japanese monastery. The young novices were in awe of this man, not because he was severe with them, but because nothing ever seemed to upset him. A few of the young men decided to test the monk by devising a plan to scare him. Early one dark winter morning, it was the monk's duty to carry tea to the Founders Hall. The young men hid in the alcove of a long and winding corridor near the entrance to the hall. Just as the monk passed, they rushed out screaming like crazy men. Without faltering a step, the monk continued walking on quietly, carefully carrying the tea. When he arrived at his destination he set down the tray, covered the tea bowl so no dust could fall into it and then fell back against the wall and cried out in shock "Oh-oh-oh!" A Zen Master relating this story said, "There is nothing wrong with emotions. Only one must not let them carry one away, or interfere with what one is doing."
- Dick Sutphen in "The Oracle Within"

In "western culture" there is a specific ritual by which people often assess each other, thereby deriving either a sense of emotional comfort or discomfort about the sincerity of the other person... though of course there are very adept fakers, not the least of which are automobile salesmen.

Some New Positive Manifestation

Kryon: Relationship with Gaia
Peter Deunov prophecy: Love and Fraternity

Mental Health Information

A Zen story describes three men observing a flag fluttering in the breeze:
One man says, "The wind is moving the flag."
The second man says, "No, the flag is moving the wind."
The third man says, "You are both wrong; it is your mind that is moving."
- Dick Sutphen in "The Oracle Within"

It's All a Matter of Perspective

What you resist, you draw to yourself. As long as you resist something,
you are locked into combating it and merely perpetuate its influence in your life.
Resistance is fear, something that you need to karmically resolve.
You must let go of the fear by encountering it
until you learn to consciously detach from what you view to be negative.
- Dick Sutphen in "The Oracle Within"

The Zoomable Universe will help you to get things into perspective, just in case you're feeling small and insignificant, or just in case you're feeling your problems are really big. Particularly at this time and as we proceed forward into ascension, it is important to get out of ego-mind and into heart-soul, to be flowing with spirit rather than reacting to the external illusion. To whatever extent our mind insists upon remaining active and participating, it needs to support rather than override the spiritual awareness and guidance of our own divine spirit.

Spiritual Health Information

i am Goddess.
i am Sovereign.
i am free.

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