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1st October 1970
[Twin Flames]

From the dimension of oneness, manifesting down into the next lower dimension the splitting of the one that is all into the many 'cells of its body', the multitude of spirits. Some were individuated from source alone, while others were divided from the oneness as twin flame pairs. The three-fold flame of life which burns in the gold room inside the heart chakra will be identical in twin-flames. These may be interpreted to be yin / yang pairs, yet they may incarnate in a variety of bodies not necessarily the same race nor opposite sex nor on the same planet. Some incarnations they may form a couple and marry.

The soul is the product of the marriage of the reality of the spirit and the reality of the body, in its' initial creation. It may ascend, (e.g. in the death process) and be carried to the next incarnation. There are multiple souls of an oversoul, which is an expression of a spirit, which may be one of a twin flame pair.

There are multiple definitions of soul mate. Often those seeking their "soul mate" are seeking their twin flame, though often instead it is that they seek their "perfect mate"... the one it takes the least effort to love, the one ego compatible.

Sometimes a new soul-mating is created when a [mankind] couple bond at the soul level as well as the physical.

The mated souls may be unrelated, of opposite parts of twin flame, or even of the same half of twin flame pair.

Catherine Yronwode wrote: "I just want to put in a word for the biochemical basis of soul-matedness: a soul-mate will invariably smell good to you."
Catherine (pheromones 'R' us) Yronwode

Yes, indeed. The sense of smell bypasses the ego and directly affects the brain and the endocrine system. The partner who smells good is the genetically compatible body. This is the most appropriate method of determining who to have babies with. The use of pheromones and perfumes allows people to seduce partners into inappropriate partnering. Thus the ages-old concept of "smelling like a prostitute"... the excessive use of perfume to render the female to smell compatible with any male. Because this is all about genetics of the body, it has nothing to do with soul mating. There is nothing wrong with lots of good fun body mating, unless it is harmful to the soul through incompatible astral / aetheric energy merging with the wrong soul. The use of pheromones and / or perfume facilitates the increased probability of such inappropriate mating. Because women in particular tend to bond with whoever they permit themselves to have sex with, there is a strong tendency to stay with inappropriate partners, once sexual mating ocurrs. Therefore, it would be better to use such entrancing aromatherapy to rejuvenate an appropriate soul mating where the sexual relationship is waning, than to use it to attract and choose partners in the first place, who will only be compatible with the perfume, not the woman.

Hasan Malik wrote: "What is a soulmate? Can anyone tell me?"

The short answer is: Someone who is mated with you at the soul level.
The long answer would be required for your next questions...

Hasan Malik wrote: "What is a soul? What kinds of mating are there?"

The medium length answer is:

If you don't know your own soul essence and have soul level consciousness, then knowing what a soul mate is won't do you much good, because you won't recognize one when you meet them. So, replace your question with: Who am I at the soul level? When you raise your consciousness to that level, you'll know what a soul mate is.

85% of the [mankind] on planet Gaia are with the wrong people for the wrong reasons... meaning they're not soul mates but ego mates.

If you understand the difference between soul and spirit... which would involve opening up the higher chakras and developing clairvoyance or clairsentience or clairaudience of the aetheric / spiritual dimension... then you may begin to be able to distinguish between soul mates (of which there can be a nearly infinite number), and twin flames (the yin yang split of a dual spirit). Some spirits are singular; most, especially those predominantly embodied as [mankind], are created in yin / yang pairs... twin flames... But this level is above the oversoul level. Thus a twin flame pair is any one of the souls of the yin-flame oversoul mated with any one of the souls of the yang-flame oversoul. Soul mating could be within the same oversoul, or with any stranger (same or different oversoul) with whom you form a soul level bond.

Soul is the marriage of the spirit with the body, (though there are traditions on this planet which swap the labels spirit and soul). The spirit aspect of a soul will typically have multiple incarnations... i.e. the body aspect is released at "death of the body".

Souls tend to reincarnate in a series of one sex [mankind] body and then they switch and incarnate in a series of opposite sex bodies. 85% of Gay or Lesbian or Trans-Gendered [mankind] are experiencing their first body of the opposite sex after a series of incarnations in one sex body... and haven't yet gotten used to either being in the kind of body they now have, or haven't gotten used to being attracted to the same sex which has now become the opposite sex. Give them a lifetime or a few.

So, what's a soul mate? Whoever you're with if you bond at the soul level. Umpteen other people of both sexes who are part of your oversoul group, or of the oversoul group of your twin-flame spirit. Anyone you're dharmically compatible with; vibrating at the same soul vibration level.

Note that when you meet a soul mate you may detest them (ego incompatibility). Note that if you like someone, that may be ego compatibility and not a soul mate at all, though you could build soul mating with them.

Ego mates work from the lower chakras upwards... and may awake to discover they're with someone spiritually inappropriate... which may be incentive to shut-off higher consciousness in order to retain relationship.

Soul mates work from the higher chakras downwards, and initially may have many ego conflicts, but know that they'll only grow more compatible as they each deconstruct ego and raise consciousness to soul level and spirit level.

Now, as for the long answer to your question...
i taught that in my classes...
and it involves raising consciousness through meditation.
There is a model i work with in consciousness, which is often manifest as a meditation practice, and as with many such practices, it is based on a focus of attention upon breathing, something we continually do, whether autonomously, or consciously.

Medical science (even) has learned that each and every emotional state has associated with it, a breathing pattern. When triggered into a given emotional state we will unconsciously manifest the corresponding breathing pattern. Conversely, we may consciously and intentionally assume a specific breathing pattern, and thereby direct our emotional state of being.

One of the challenges of consciousness is to accept as existing, and to deal with (apparent) paradoxes. Part of the process of dealing with (apparent) paradoxes is to move one's consciousness to a "higher" perspective where one can see from the transcendent position, the lesser "realities", and how, from a lower perspective, there appears to be a paradox, but from the transcendent perspective, it may be seen that the paradox is only apparent when one's perspective is lowered to the "reality" of one polarity of the paradox.
"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

One of the paradoxes we appear to have is that of lower dimensional space-time linearity, versus quantum physics non-locality, which has been proven to interact instantaneously over infinite distance. There is another language for defining the same paradox, and that is that "physical body reality" is anchored in linear space-time, so that the body is always "here now", and yet, our consciousness, sometimes misidentified or perceived in a more limited fashion as either "mind" or "brain", is able to access all of space and time, and this awareness of non-here-now reality, may be known as intuition, and is also known as "spirit" or "spiritual awareness". Thus we see yet another paradox, between different "models of reality", the quantum physics or spiritual models, which although they may appear to be different, are actually describing the same thing, from different perspectives.

Coming full circle now with the context set, back to the breathing practice i started out to share with you, one of the things i teach in my meditation classes is:

Start with your awareness of your lungs being full, and your being present in your body, that you are in your fullness, fully present, fully empowered, you are one with your incarnation, and even with all that is, the entire universe, with which you are at peace and acceptance. "I AM". This is a timeless transcendent position.

Now we enter linear time momentarily, and we exhale, with the conscious intent to forgive and release all, letting go 100%, and allowing as we exhale, that entire reality to pass into oblivion, that is, the "I" that i was, now "dies", and ceases to exist, and "I" become one with "the void", nothingness. This is a timeless transcendent position. Hold this temporarily.

Now we enter linear time momentarily, and we inhale, with the conscious intent to accept without judgment or expectation, all that is, possibly a completely new reality we've never before experienced, and we allow it to arrive into our consciousness and body, back where we started, but completely reborn, different, new. This is a timeless transcendent position. Hold this temporarily.

Lather, rinse, repeat as necessary. The challenge seems to be to 100% let go of what is, and to 100% accept what arrives. The more we can do this, the greater the size of change we can endure, and the more quickly we can transition through a change.

The only real change, is a change in the real "us", and you may discover that that is infinite eternal consciousness, the witness to all experience, witness to all change, the one who can ask the question: "who am I", or "what is real"?

One of the first things my psychic teacher taught is that for each individual, their reality is "real" for them, despite however many paradoxes may seem to apply to that... how can that be? could it be that "relativism" is real? that there is no single objective reality?

i learned that we have a "reality inertia", in our infinite power as the creators of our reality from our beleifs. We look outside and observe "reality", and we form in our mind, a "model of reality", "how it is", "what's real", and then we "believe in" that model, and so doing, we then create it, because beleif creates reality, and so things tend to be static. This non-changing non-growing non-healing choice says: "I'll believe it when i see it", which means that all change comes from external sources, that one is the passive recepient of reality, of the creation of reality done by others.

If we step into the role of creator, claim our power, and actively create our reality, then, to do so, we must become master of our beleifs, we must choose what to believe, and by beleiving it powerfully enough, (paradoxically while outer observable "reality" has not yet caught up with us), then we create the energy patterns around which matter congeals, and the outer reality eventually shifts to match.

"E=MC**2" tells us what? that two things are related by a constant. What is that constant? light, that mercurial thing which is so Gemini that sometimes it appears as a particle (matter) and sometimes it appears as a wave (energy), which is what, exactly what the equation tells us, that paradoxically, matter is just a standing wave pattern. Say what? well, light has color / frequency, so each different kind of "matter" must have a corresponding "frequency", because they're related by a constant. So, if we compare Hydrogen versus Helium, we're just looking at a different color / frequency of light. Everything is frequency. All that is (matter), and all that matters (real), is just frequency of light, and the paradoxical "reality" of reality is observing, interacting with, and even controlling, that paradoxical duality between particle and wave. We know that particles can be quantumly entangled to have direct interaction instantly over infinite distance, therefore, we also know that waves must likewise entangle.

What is spiritual intuition? Perception of waves, which are quantum entangled. What is it to be intuitive or "psychic"? It is to master the skill of intentionally creating quantum entanglement between one's brain waves (consciousness), and some remote (non-local) "other" energy "pattern", or "wave", or "particle", i.e. frequency of light. Just as we may tune a radio to a given frequency, our consciousness may be directed to tune into a given frequency of light corresponding to, oh, say, for example, the aggregate frequencies of the "matter" particles known also as the DNA of one [mankind] incarnation. Through our emotions we can reprogram our DNA. It's like an orchestra, all tuned together to play a symphony... if each player tunes their instrument up a little bit, the whole orchestra can still play in harmony, and the one oddball who hasn't adjusted their instrument's tunings hears themself to be out of tune, and in order to achieve harmony, yields to the group pressure, and also adjusts back to harmony, to shared frequency.

You and i have previously experienced a full quantum entanglement. We played in full harmony, the same beautiful song of love. However, due to karmic entanglements with other realities, that beautiful harmony was (at least temporarily) sacrificed, in order to have the time and energy available to complete the karma, to achieve the state of freedom of choice, which would permit new choices to be made.

Both you and i are very committed to honesty, integrity, and honoring our words / commitments / contracts. i greatly value this quality of your character, it is important to me... and finding this in YOU, something i find VERY precious, is, sadly, all too rare in this world, and makes finding it even more precious.

i can commit to you that i will be honest, and open. You may not always like the truth i tell you, but it is real, at least for me, in my reality, for the moment.

i have overriding commitments to truth, honesty, integrity, purity, innocence, and ahimsa, (harmlessness) which i define as honoring the right of each and every entity to be conscious, to consciously make their own choices which control their own destiny, and to not have that consciousness, choice process, or their power to manifest their own choices over their own reality, interfered with.

i deeply beleive that you carry if not an identical commitment, at least a deep valuing of those principles, i.e. that you and I are largely compatible in these matters. i greatly value your integrity, your honesty, your accuracy, your nature and essence.

i beleive that fundamental character / essence / nature is the ultimate factor in compatibility between entities, and so it is that i find that you stand out from the crowd, that, of all the people i do know, or have known, that you have the highest qualities of character of anyone. So it is that i hold precious my relationship with you, for you are a being precious to me. i wish to share more with you.

There is also a consciousness trap in which "The alien machinery uses the twin soul delusion to create manipulation in people wanting to have sexual or other types of relationship experiences, and this is a common form of consciousness trap. (Eve Lorgen calls this the Alien Love Bite)."

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