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1st January 1970
[Faery Blessings]

Treasury Direct Accounts and OPPT
(One People's Public Trust)

I'm willing to trust this forwarded message as true. I've never found Anna to outright lie, though like many of us dedicated to creating soulutions, perhaps where there is greyness we may see the light we prefer. i am to date only aware of two errors on Anna's part, (and yes, i have read every article on her website):

  1. Under the admiralty corpse-orate fiction world of "STATE OF ..." here on the Hawaiian isles there is no underlaying Hawaiian Republic.
  2. I may not fully comprehend the "4 corners rule", but i sincerely beleive her Bond to the Vatican is invalid for being 4 cornered.

All that being said, what have we? Finally, details of the inner workings of Treasury Direct Accounts. One People's Public Trust was only a "Johnny-come-lately" attempt by one group to "fix everything for everyone", rather than just to do the same "fix-it-for-myself" many of us kept poking at over the decades to get out from under the enslavement to the STRAW MAN.

Let there be no mistake... he who creates owns. We did not knowingly, willingly create our Berth Estate cestui-que-vie trust accounts, THEY did, therefore THEY own them, and THEY like using them to profit on enslaving us.

There are those out there, like i did in 2000, who did our best to change which roles we played with those... We could not take over the CREATOR role, but staying as debtor / surety is a lose-lose-lose position, and that leaves only the Beneficiary and Executrix positions. There are those who have apparently mastered the position of Executrix, which is a higher form of Trustee, and from the beginning the game was that we were the beneficiaries, so holding the trustees accountable to that, requires them to comply, and as Executrix one can order the trustee to serve the beneficiary, but make no mistake, in the Executrix position, or as the Secured Party Creditor, you're still playing their game by their rules on their gameboard...
commerce = Uniform Commercial Code = Admirality = warfare.

Anna's been clearing the path for Dorothy and Toto to return to Kansas. American Common Law of the Land is superior to Satan's laws of the Sea. But, it's still living by the imperfections of the creations of men. While i am "kama'aina Kaua'i", caretaking our sacred space, i am clearly aligned with the Air Jurisdiction of Divine Law, and am as quickly as possible navigating my way through the minefield to remove all Land and Sea jurisdiction from my reality... and that, at minimum, requires stepping permanently out of commerce, (which also means doing without a cellphone, since one must be in commerce to contract with any corpse-oration, and there is presently no non-commercial communications service of either telephone or internet available on Kaua'i). There is now available an open source software and hardware design for a cell-site, and the cost is in the neighborhood of $10K, just in case we'd like to build our own Kaua'i cellular service to add to the DNA damaging radiowaves in the air, without doing what the big carriers are doing, also radiating the mind/emotion-control scalar waves piggy-backing on the cell-tower antennae, and the new digital broadcasts of "television" and "radio".

Back in 2013 when OPPT offered a contract to individuals to get $10,000,000,000.00 in credit in exchange for becoming eternally a bonds-(wo)man, i affidavited i did not give them power of attorney, and that their actions did not include me, as i don't consider a lifetime's access to $10Billion enough to trade my eternal soul.

So, today's message from Anna clarifies this a bunch. ...and... OPPT is only ONE of the groups offering their deal, there are also offers coming out now directly from the bank/govern-ment, so be careful what contracts you make (if any).

Now that I'm settling into air-jurisdiction where i can trade with others either in Air or Land jurisdiction, and am completing my exit from Sea jurisdiction, I'm expecting that once Anna and friends complete the launch of their trade (not commerce) bank, I'll open an account there and order the Treasurer of the USA to transfer there Lawful Money of the entire equity of my Berth Estate so that i may manage my own affairs, thank you.

Aloha, celeste
All information and transactions are private + non-negotiable,
all rights reserved
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c/o: General Post Office, Keneke Street - 1, Kilauea, Kaua'i, UM

TDAs --- Not for Americans
By Anna Von Reitz

Posted: 23 Jul 2017 08:42 PM PDT

All those TDA offers? Well, the verdict is in.

i was right. TDA's are only for federal employees and dependents and federal corporations. American state nationals who have been misidentified as federal citizens are not eligible for this remedy, but they are eligible for another better remedy.

In 2012 the Bureau of Public Debt was merged into what is called the Bureau of the Fiscal Services, located primarily in Parkersburg, West Virginia. It's jurisdiction is strictly limited to the federal government.

The Treasury Direct program is being administered under their Retail Securities Services subdivision, and all of this is being run under the auspices of the Under Secretary of the Treasury for DOMESTIC Finance.

Whenever you see the word "domestic" in federal publications, they are talking about "domestic with respect to the federal enclaves" --- not domestic with respect to the states and people.

This is their foreign program for their foreign citizens--- for JOHN MICHAEL DOE.

If you sign up like a good little sheep, you admit to being a federal franchisee -- and that means you can't possibly own any copyrights or land or children or any of the other assets owed to a natural man or woman.

In claiming one-- that is, by authorizing a "Treasury Direct Account" -- you deny the other far greater claim.

Here is the rest of the story--- as i have also been saying all along, you are owed discharge of all debts and payment of your assets--- simply by a different process. What you, Joe Average American, need to claim back is your whole estate which the Federales have seized upon and held and invested to benefit themselves for several generations.

That "legacy trust" is listed at 31 USC 1321, and the allowance for the beneficiary to reclaim it is listed at 31 USC 1322.

When you investigate this whole TDA thing, you go to 31 CFR 363 and start reading about different kinds of savings bonds and how to convert them from investment use to payable status and all the various ramifications of doing so.

Remember how i told you that whenever the government corporation pulls one of its shady deals, it has to provide remedy for its actions? -- Like the "income tax" contains the provision allowing you to "revoke your election to pay"?

When you look for the remedy in this whole pile of worms, you find this in 31 CFR 363.126:

We will make payment:
(A) Upon your request for redemption prior to maturity;  (THIS IS WHAT
(B) When the bond reaches final maturity;  (THIS IS WHAT THE GOVERNMENT
(C) If a person who becomes entitled to the bond is unable,
	unwilling or ineligible to open a TreasuryDirect ® account.

This last part--- 31 CFR 362.126 (c) ---is your remedy.

Not being a federal employee or dependent in fact, and being owed the entirety of your actual estate, you are ineligible to take part in the foreign TDA process, but you can instead invoke pay out to a bank account of your own choosing.

So why are they offering TDA accounts? (1) To keep control; (2) to reduce their interest payment obligations (note that when you pull the plug and make the bond payable, it stops accruing interest); (3) to get you to "admit" and give them evidence that you are in fact a voluntary federal employee or dependent -- a franchisee --- having no further claim to all the rest of the assets you are owed as an American state national.

This last part is the crucial one.

They desperately need to stem the tide of American claims coming at them. They need your land to pay their debts. They need your house as an asset yielding them property taxes. They need you to "voluntarily" agree to be their whipping boy--- and they are willing to release you from debts you never actually owed "in exchange" for your "admission" to being a slave.

That allows them to claim your whole ESTATE forever.

And gives you a bowl of porridge.

Or less.


Our National Probate v. Their National Bankruptcy
By Anna Von Reitz

Posted: 30 Jul 2017 07:46 AM PDT

[Examine] the UCC filing [...] done in 2011 by Everton Rocha. i have never met him, but i understood immediately what he was doing. He was covering his butt. i immediately did the same thing, with a twist--- i covered my own and everyone else's butts, including the states of the union, all the way back to 1860.

I don't know what is so "mysterious" about this document for so many people. To me it is plain as day. The named Debtors owe the original Treasury the entire amount of the so-called National Debt, plus penalties. Everton filed and gave notice that he was extracting his ESTATE out of the giant slush-pile. i gave similar notice and step-by-step retrieved and extracted everything all the way back to the original States of America, which means: California, Vermont, Florida, Wisconsin, Alabama.....

In international jurisdiction there are no real people, there are only "persons" and "beneficiaries" of persons who may be named as creditors or interest holders. This is why your actual states (not any corporate franchises operated as states of states) have sovereignty in international jurisdiction both on the land and the sea.

Now, remember that thanks to The Definitive Treaty of Paris 1783 and The Constitution for the united States of America, these international "powers" of your states were granted first to the unincorporated entity known as The United States of America, and then nineteen enumerated "powers" were further delegated to The United States operated by the British King. Also remembers that when you operate in this strange people-less international jurisdiction of the sea you must do so via a "person"----either unincorporated or incorporated.

These "persons" are named like ships are named and they operate either as trading vessels or as commercial vessels depending on where they are domiciled. A vessel domiciled on the land of an American state is by definition unincorporated and must be recognized as an American vessel engaged in peaceful international trade. Such vessels fly the Civil Peacetime Flag of the United States, which has distinctive vertical stripes. A vessel domiciled in the federal territorial jurisdiction or the federal municipal jurisdiction has to be recognized as an incorporated franchise --a U.S. commercial vessel that is engaged in perpetual warfare. All these vessels fly the Wartime Flag of the United States known as the Stars and Stripes.

Your peaceful American states are known simply as Wisconsin, Alabama, and so on, and their unincorporated businesses are known as the Wisconsin State, Alabama State.... et alia. Your peaceful Trade Name domiciled on the land and having the form: John Jacob Johnston can also serve as the name of a trading vessel on the sea--- a peaceful American Trading Vessel. But, if you fly the wartime flag of the United States, your vessel can easily be mistaken as a US Commercial Vessel operated as a Foreign Situs Trust by the federal territorial United States as "John Jacob Johnston" or the municipal United States as "JOHN JACOB JOHNSTON".

FDR made advantage of these unknown facts to betray and enslave and saddle everyone in America with the debts of a private, mostly foreign-owned governmental services corporation merely calling itself "the United States of America"----Inc. And his swindle worked. He let the bankruptcy trustees loose on the unsuspecting American public and these evil men simply "presumed" that everyone using a name in the form: John Jacob Johnston (Upper and Lower Case) must be a U.S. Foreign Situs Trust, liable for the so-called "National debt."They just didn't mention which nation--- ours or theirs.

We wound up paying for all the debts of the Territorial United States wracked up by the United States of America, Inc., and at the same time, the Municipal United States government, another corporation merely calling itself the UNITED STATES picked up the service contract and created a whole flotilla of Cestui Que Vie trusts named after us---- JOHN JACOB JOHNSTON, MARY ALICE COMPTON, LILIAN MARIE GROSSKREUTZ.....

So now the UNITED STATES is in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and our ESTATE vessels gratuitously created "for" us by the US DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE and "removed" to "Puerto Rico" for "safe-keeping" without our knowledge or consent, are again being "presumed" to be chattel property and unclaimed accounts belonging to the UNITED STATES---- and being subsumed into the bankruptcy and liquidation of the UNITED STATES.

Mr. Rocha saw that coming and put up his hand--- "Not my ESTATE! My estate belongs to the living man---the one with hands and legs! Extract ME out of this mess and recognize the actual creditor who is owed the entire debt!" I did the same thing, only i expanded on it---- and made the claim for each one of the States and all the living people not only against the Debtors named in this document but all the other DEBTORS and Debtors, too---- against the STATES OF STATES and the States of States, against MICHAEL DAVID DOE and Michael David Doe, U.S. Foreign Situs Trust, and MICHAEL D. DOE, a U.S. Public Transmitting Utility and MICHAEL DAVID DOE a bankrupt CITIZEN ORGANIZATION and so on and on and on.

And i just kept rolling it all back so that layer by layer, the actual states of the Union and the actual living people of the land jurisdiction were established as the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Secured Creditors of the whole rotten shebang.

This took hundreds of filings. This was all done and all carried out at my own expense and the expense of a few other Americans who served notice and established liens-- both non-UCC and Agricultural Liens for every state and every American.

Then we published the Private Registered Indemnity Bond covering all the actual states of the Union. Taken all together, we hold Title, Lien, and Bond for every state and every American. OPPT did something similar.

Unfortunately for OPPT, it is not and does not represent the actual Paramount Secured Interest Holders, nor it is a Priority Secured Creditor. we are. The American States and People.

OPPT is a Secondary Creditor representing the interests only of the Territorial and Municipal Citizens, people like Bar Attorney Heather Tucci-Jarraf.

My husband and i are actual people who live on the land jurisdiction of the United States. All our "vessels" (names) are domiciled permanently on the land and soil of our respective birth states of the union----and we have the family histories and public records fully establishing that: (1) our families have been here since 1609; (2) we are free sovereigns in our own right; (3) the "National Debt" and all penalties related to it are owed to us and to our actual states of the Union and our countrymen. Not our bankrupt spendthrift employees.

So when we show up at the Foreclosure auction and the Bankruptcy proceedings and we tell the Bankruptcy Trustees that we are the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Secured Creditors presenting our selves and our own interests without reference to our employees---- guess what? That throws all the Secondary Creditors into the backseat, where they belong. They are welcome to discharge the debts of their Persons/PERSONS in bankruptcy, but as for us, we are owed not only the discharge of debts accumulated by any federal "persons" operated in our names without our knowledge or consent, but the return of all our purloined assets, free, clear, and unharmed.

Thus a giant national bankruptcy of the Territorial and Municipal United States is underway at the same time that a giant national probate releasing the assets of the actual United States is owed. And that is what the mysterious filing by Everton Rocha and all the various follow-up filings accomplished by me and my team are about--- extracting our states and all our good names out of the bankruptcy slush pile and bringing forward the claims of the victims of all this fraud reclaiming their Cestui Que Vie ESTATES.

We have done all this in support of you. What have you done in support of yourselves? In support of our effort? These vermin tried to take everything you have via another swindle and nobody stood up, but us. The Pope? Too busy covering the guilty Church's butt. The Queen----? Our "Trustee" on the "High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways"?---- too busy reaching for her smelling salts. The Lord Mayor of London who owes us "perpetual amity and friendship"?------snarling behind his filthy red dragon and the green, black, and white dragons, too, for all the good it will do him.

Come now, wake up. Wake up all the way. Get motivated. Get moving. Spread the word. we have the weather-gauge and are bearing down, but it is up to each and every one of you to educate yourselves and your families and your friends and your communities countrywide. It's up to you to support us and the work we have taken on. All this had to be done by just a few volunteers using their own resources. Now we need all of you to weigh in and shove.

2017-07-19_Galactic_Intel_Show._Mz_Mugzzi_and_Kent_Dunn at start of video warns that most pogroms now active to access Treasury Direct Accounts are "traps".
As for the rest of the video... use extreme discernment.

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