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1st January 1970
[tooth fairy]

Use an old glass vitamin bottle with
a mouth big enough through which to dip a toothbrush.
Start with:

add 3 tablespoons each of:
Saturate with (and replenish with, as the mix dries),
equal parts by volume of:

My observation is that this mix may foam easily to twice volume, once it's settled down, then:

Oh, and let me know if you also experience this mix to migrate right through the glass of the bottle.
This is a sign of a high amount of ORMES / ORMUS activity, and will depend upon the quality of both the ingredients and the glass itself.
And, of course, this ain't medical advice, and you both brew and use at your own risk 100%.
It is, however, what I'm doing these days, because i got fed up with both my dentist with his fluoride-releasing polymer fillings, and the toothpaste manufacturers each trying to poison me with fluoride, which is bad for teeth and bones, and more importantly calcifies your pineal gland so you can't open up to your clairvoyance.

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