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1st October 1970

In it's simplest form, Tantra means paying attention 100% to what you're doing. The terms Tantra, Tantric, Tantrik refer to a philosophy, a science, an art, and a way of life, whereby the kundalini energy is consciously and creatively utilized. The Tantric approach to spirituality makes use of the senses of the body rather than suggesting, as is done in ascetic religious teachings, that these should be suppressed, in order to transcend the physical world and its desires. It is greatly useful in an individuals private path of spiritual unfoldment and enlightenment, to awaken Kundalini, and utilize it in the synergistic combination of sexuality and spirituality. The mystical treatises, known as the Tantras, contain a broad spectrum of practical techniques for enhancing kundalini awareness and achieving transcendence. The hidden potency of kundalini union is the seed of all creativity. Through an understanding of the practical teachings of Tantra, a whole new experience of life opens up. Tantra shares great similarities with the Taoist tradition of China, but derives from the Indian Hindu teachings of India and the Tibetan Buddhist lineage, both of which trace their roots to the Tantras, texts written in ancient Sanskrit. The foundations of Buddhism include written bodies of text, the Tantras, the Vedas, and the Sutras. The Tantras are Sanskrit and amongst the most ancient written languages on the planet. i don't read Sanskrit, so i must plead ignorance, as i am dependent upon translators.

In the West, Tantra has been "refocussed", with emphasis upon the sex-positive aspects as being so in contrast with the sex-negative aspects of the extant religio-culture. Amongst the various Tantra teachers with whom i studied in the San Francisco Bay Area, there was a predominance of appealing to the glamour of the sexuality of Tantra, and a lack of rootedness, groundedness, to help people utilize Kundalini while grounded in their bodies.

My conclusion, embodied in the order i teach, is that people need a foundation of meditation with grounding to stay in their bodies while running Kundalini, and psychic clearing techniques to help them become empowered to release their blockages / issues, before they learn Kundalini / Kriya / Tantra Yoga techniques which raise the Kundalini which lights-up their issues to be dealt with. A Kriya is a spasm caused by blockages in the Kundalini channels... thus Kriya Yoga pushes the limits and triggers clearing of the blockages in the Kundalini energy channels in the body.

Harish Johari, one of the teachers i studied with, has a number of good books out ( Destiny Press ), which interpret in a Western context, the foundations of Tantra, and go beyond the sex-glamour.

i was raised by an Engineer / Scientist, and so was spared the dogma of all religions except the atheist religion of Western Science. Once i "blew the pictures" that Spirit "doesn't exist", i was free to study all the world religions superficially, which i did with open 3rd eye... thus arriving at a non-denominational spiritualist paradigm relatively free of Ter-Ra'an religious dogma. Seeking of better sex led me to Tantra, which led me to spirit, so I'm not "down on" the sex-glamour of Tantra, but i find most teachers to fail to provide their students with sufficient grounding tools, and tools for clearing issues when their Tantra inspired Kundalini rises and shoves their issues all in their faces to deal with.

Sometimes the most loving and compassionate act (Quan Yin / Tara) is to fiercly confront (Kali) the illusions of ego some poor soul has become lost in. In the Hindu and Tibetan Tantras you'll almost always find the dualistic God(desse)s... having both a benign compassionate face and a very fierce confrontive face, e.g. Tara / Kali.

Every aspect of life-affirming and life-creating physical form is filled with divinity, including the [mankind] body and every aspect of its sexuality. Sex is beautiful, in all its forms. Every [mankind] body is divine. The same kundalini energy awakened through sexuality awakens the higher centers of perception (chakras) which lead to spiritual vision. While there are few major planetary religions surviving with great strength today, which keep the yin and yang principles in balance, even fewer are devoted to the feminine form of God(dess).

As a clairvoyant, one sensitive to spiritual energies, who can find a spirit based merely upon seeing a picture of someone, or upon the knowing of their name, it is for me quite simple and easy, to use any of the names of an entity, or their picture, to find their spirit, and to connect with them spiritually in the aetheric, to connect on the mental plane, to connect soul to soul, to connect astrally and experience their emotional state, even while lacking any physical connection between bodies. If they are equally conscious of those aspects of themself, then they will also be conscious of any energy exchange between us, whereas if they are not conscious of those aspects of themself, they cannot be conscious of the connections happening on those levels. Lacking a physical body connection, the "realness" of any connection is truly that of the metaphysical, the spiritual, the astral, the soulful.

Whatever we experience in our consciousness, affects our eternal souls and spirits, therefore even for those disconnected from their spirit / soul experience, they are still being permanently affected thereby, including the development of karma for whatever they've chosen to do.

Tantric relationships are initiated at the spiritual level, and progress downwards from the intent of spirit, and from the choice of compatible partner at the spiritual level, where spirit directs two incarnate beings to meet and connect, and proceeds downwards through the chakras, until only lastly, is there a body and / or sexual connection established. This kind of relationship is experienced by at most 15% of the [mankind] population on Ter-Ra, while 85% of [mankind] on Ter-Ra create relationships based on mutual needs fulfillment of lower chakras, seeking partners who are compatiblie on the personality and ego level, and who provide for their physical, emotional, sexual, and monetary needs, and may get as high as the heart chakra level where actual love happens. If there was a large level of unconsciousness in both partners at the time of mating, then by not being conscious of and directed by their own soul truth, they are likely to have failed to chose a partner who is soul compatible, a soulmate, and as the relationship progresses, they may find ever less compatibility as they each grow in consciousness to be more true to their own soul, they discover that the relationship needs to end because it was never appropriate. Alternatively, in order to maintain the relationship, e.g. if they've exchanged vows of "marriage until death do they part", they'll have to limit their own spiritual consciousness and growth to remain in "ignorant bliss" in an illusion that it's ok their compatibility is only personality and ego-level based. This kind of relating is also, naturally, a predominant experience in Life. While this worldly relationship may start out feeling OK, over time there may be less compatibility, as the differing soul nature pulls the individuals in different directions of growth.

In the Tantric relationship, all of the relationship issues come up immediately at the beginning of the relationship, because, while the spirits and souls are ultimately perfectly compatible, any ego personality issues in each individual, whereby they are not fully manifesting their spirit / soul truth, represent a discrepancy from the spirit / soul nature, and those differences are likely to conflict between the two partners, and based on their ego personalities, they may not like each others personalities at all, yet, as the relationship progresses, and each individual grows to be more in alignment with, enlightened by, and directed by their own spirit / soul truth, they find that their relationship is continually improving, they are becoming ever more compatible, and therefore, merely recognizing the nature of Tantric relationships, if they are committed to truth and spiritual growth with a soulmate, they may rapidly overcome if not just overlooking, any ego compatibility issues, and persist in spiritual growth into the ultimately perfect union as soul-mates. If the couple either already had an aligned mission in life, or is wise enough to choose a shared mission in recognition of their ultimate soul-mate compatibility, then the positive synergy of union, by being further blessed by a full alignment of will, not only greatly serves them individually for their own soul growth, and as a couple in perfect soul harmony, but it also serves to empower them with synergy in doing a shared mission in the world.

The most challenging part of this kind of relationship... moving the relationship into the physical world, fully manifesting the soulmatedness through physical bodies is likely to be somewhat challenging, as, it would be rare for your soulmate to just happen to live next door to you, so one really has to be connected with and committed to, knowing and living life from one's own soul truth and nature, to uproot at least one of the partners, walk away from a preexisting life and plans for that life, and instead converge the two lives into one in one geographical location, probably across national borders. Further complications arise as discrepancies are realized between the "realities" experienced spiritually, versus those of the physical manifestation.

Because who we really are is blobs of light, spiritual energy of a higher dimension, then we must also realize that, the concept of exclusivity in relationships is actually far more important in the realm of energy, where we are real and eternal, than it is in a lesser realm, such as virtual world avatars or physical world bodies, so pair-bonding of a soul-mated pair, is not just about the fidelity and excusivity of bodies, but about what energies are shared, uniquely between soul-mates, as well as what is shared on the body level. Because the real soul of ensouled beings is participating and optionally connecting, in fact, Tantric relationships are just as real as physical relationships for ensouled beings, so that relationships developed Tantricly are spiritual prototypes for physical relationships.

As one of the planetary dogmas of learning about the chakra system, Tantra has played an important role.

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