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1st January 1970
[Star of Solomon]

The 6-pointed Star of Solomon in two dimensions, represent a three dimensional object, the dual tetrahedrons. That is an object which maps the points of interface of a higher dimensional energy field into the three dimensional realm, having an inverted tetrahedron, with collocated centers, one flipped vertically and rotated 180 degrees from the other, we see that it is actually an eight pointed star, with two of the points hidden behind the opaque 3D solid. Yeah, so what? Well, it turns out, that planets, e.g. Ter-Ra, embody this shape... If you inscribe the dual tetrahedron inside a sphere, you get one point each at the north and south pole, plus three in the northern hemisphere at 19.47 degrees above the equator, and spaced between these but at 19.47 degrees below the equator, three other points. Now, map this onto earth. Compare with NASA photos of other planets in our solar system. Even the Sun has tendencies to have major storms at the point locations. Other planets evidence permanent storms centered around these points.

Big Island, Hawaii, is the volcano evidencing the "hot spot" below the floor of the ocean, which represents one of these tetrahedral vertices. The Pacific Tectonic plate slides north east over the hot spot vertex, magma keeps breaking through the tectonic plate building volcanic mountains some 6 miles high off the ocean floor to barely break water surface and make an "island". Go ahead, map the other 5 tropical vertices. Now, compare that with a map of places controlled by the United States of America, and you will see that somebody, with a very high security clearance, already figured out the importance of these points in the earth energy grid, and that it was important, if you were an evil government intent on dominating the planet and controlling other humans, to take control of as many points as possible in order to take control of the earth energy grid.

It turns out that the earth electromagnetic energy grid, (and its higher dimensional correspondences) are the very fields/grids which UFO's travel upon, if they use field propulsion "engines". The saucer shaped craft are field propulsion craft. Bruce Cathie, a pilot, began investigating UFO sightings and discovered that their appearances and paths traveled predominantly along specific grid lines, and he began to map the earth energy grid. The energy grid affects our moods and thoughts. Controlling and /or modulating the energy grid allows weather modification, thought control, etc.

The U.S. has Hawai`i. The U.S. has the H.A.A.R.P. project near the north pole. The U.S. has the only permanent scientific research station in Antarctica. The U.S., violating all principles of the U.S. Constitution and international law, has waged wars on foreign soil to gain control of the other vertices. The Japan Triangle has even more disappearance activity than the Bermuda triangle, and the U.S. gained control of that point by conquering Japan in W.W.II. The U.S. has a permanent secret installation at Alice Springs, Australia... That leaves only two vertices unaccounted for. i better reconsult my map... One in Algeria. One in Iwo Jima. Bermuda is a halfway point, corresponding to a second set of two tetrahedrons rotated halfway between the other major points. One at Easter Island. One in South Africa. One in the Loyalty Islands. Yup. i don't know who controls the Loyalty Islands, but the U.S. and its partner the U.K. control at least 7 of the 8 vertices of the dual tetrahedron of earth, and many of the secondary points on the grid at the half-way points. Maybe it's just not so obvious about the 8th vertex.

Now, that's playing with the Star of Solomon in earth grid terms, but it also relates to the MerKaBah vehicle of Ascension, the energy field/grid we generate around us (aura + light body) through meditation. There are special properties of sacred geometry in all of the male Platonic solids (equal angles equal sides) and in the curved feminine torus and sphere. If you take an opaque tube torus and put each end of it into a vertex of a clear tetrahedron, and arrange it just right, then each of the Hebrew fire letters may be generated as a two dimensional shadow of the three dimensional object. Sacred geometry is everywhere.

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