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1st January 1970
[Tranceformation Faery]
Inner Transformation

Everything about our "reality" is illusion, and that illusion is created by our beleif, belief, attitude, desire, imagination, and expectation. Only our eternal spirits are actually real. The only aspect of "reality" which affects our essence, our eternal spirit, is our experience while playing Leela, the game of life. The whole game of life is based on supposition. What you beleive to be true is true. We as spirits create our body and our physical universe to play in, to enjoy, to experience, to learn, to grow in. And the way we do that is by interacting with the illusions created by other beings, and by experiencing our emotions, our reactions to our experiences, the impact which other beings are having upon us. The only thing which is actually real about "reality" is how we "feel" about it.

Zen teaches that detachment is the ultimate goal... to become emotionally neutral about the entire illusion, not, as Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame strove to be, devoid of emotion, (in denial of emotion), but to experience it without becoming lost in attachment to it, either positively (desire), or negatively (aversion).

In short, everything is simply a matter of beleif. The reality you beleive to be real is the reality you will experience. Those experiences "should" ultimately teach you that the universe, or more aptly, source, is loving and giving... and that any experiences you have to the contrary are by your own choice. Now if you believe that you have no choice, that your existence is predestined, or that it is controlled by another's will, then you may simply relax and enjoy the ride, and bother to read no further, for then nothing said here will make any difference. It is said that everything about your life is a metaphor for your relationship with your Higher Self, with source. The goal is to evolve, improve, and make consciously aware, your living loving relationship with your spirit, and with the Source. You are divine. You are of source. All the answers are to be found in your own heart. For it is there that your Higher Self connects into physical reality. And it is through your Higher Self that you connect to the Source, the Supreme Being (Yin).

A spirit creates a body to play in, to enjoy in, to love in, to be loved in, and then gets lost in illusions of physical reality. To successfully walk the path to enlightenment is simply to learn to be a spirit in a body without being attached to being in that body, or to any of the experiences you have in your body. Mahamaya, the great illusion, of time and space, has no reality or significance, other than how that experience impacts your spiritual essence, and how you impact others. Preferably that experience and impact is loving, rather than hurtful, growthful and educational rather than stuck. We each come into an incarnation with specific lessons we have chosen to learn. Once we free ourselves of our past, we set ourselves free of our expectations of the future. Then we may arrive in the here and now, the only place our spirit has any creative power while in a body. By accepting responsibility for being the creator of our reality and all our mental states, we have the power to be free and to create anything we want, and freedom from the past and future. Having cleared ourselves, we may simply play in the here and now.

You create your own reality. Whatever you're getting right now is exactly what you have chosen by attention and intention. No "if"s, "and"s, or "but"s. The bottom line of knowing what you really beleive is to look at your experience. i create every aspect of my life. If ever i think I'm getting other than what i choose, i need to examine my ego lies and find out why i want things i don't like. Overcoming a lifetime of programming into a cultural set of beliefs is not in the least a trivial pursuit, however. The challenge is that most of it is subconscious, and needs to be cleared or transcended.

People who love themselves enough to be willing to receive in abundance the love and light of source are healthy and vital. The heart chakra and the crown chakra are the primary points of connection between spirit and body, a connection, or more aptly a marriage, which produces the individuality / ego-personality. It is here that the light of Self and source manifest into the body, and from there connect with another incarnate being. Yes, we can connect on just the spiritual/psychic realms, but our true power as divine humans is the manifestation of our spiritual essence in the holy vehicle of the human body. Every state (of being) or act (of doing) of love is divine. Our entire essence is divine, and every aspect of our incarnation is divine. To be healthy is to realize this... to cognize, honor, respect and love the divine essence within each and every one of us, operating from self love, self worth, self awareness, including awareness of one's divine spiritual nature.

You can reach enlightenment just by "running your energy". This is a term we use for a specific, (what we belive most appropriate) pattern of flow of spiritual energy within the physical body, associated with an alternate state of consciousness. The longer you do this each day, the quicker you progress.

Outer Transformation

I'm playing with transforming my outer manifestation from my traditional human form to a faery girl form, via time-line hopping. The specific intent is to re-manifest in faery form on the scale of a short / small human female, as i recently discussed with a friend.

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