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1st January 1970
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Topic: public notice rr190195169us affidavit of truth
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This is a notice from the independent sovereign celeste:crystalfaery, the embodiment of the independent sovereign spirit tomril of ishnaa, from the tomril universe, now frequently known as one of the family of crystal faeries, to all beings and consciousnesses in all time-lines and in all parallel-realities in all dimensions and densities.

i have no association with any fictional / fraudulent zombie corpseoration which has been named similar to any of my spirit or family or body names. Any entity or corpseoration using the name "Angela Kahealani" as a name of a corporate fiction is doing so fraudulently, as i do not consent to such, nor do i have any relationship with such.

More specifically, i am not an agent of or for, trustee of or for, administrator of or for, executor of or for, surety of or for, any such Cestui Que Vie trust corpseoration or any "legal person" fiction which has been fraudulently created by, and may still be operated by, other corpseorate fictions or by any living being pretending to have any authority over any aspect of my existence or manifestation or life.

By e-mailing this notice from my present lawful name and e-mail address to my previous lawful name and e-mail address, i guarantee that those who monitor all global e-communications are hereby notified, and by posting same on my website, that such enters the public record.

Treating this living being as a corpseorate fiction is the crime of personage. i am a lawful private sovereign, and do not have a legal name nor do i ever operate as or through a corpesorate fiction "person", nor am i an agent for, surety for, nor trustee for any such fiction.

Very more specifically, Hawaiian Telcom has been notifed repeatedly, and specifically via U.S. Registered Mail # RR190195169US Received by 02/26/2016, my Affidavit of Truth, which, according to the Uniform Commercial Code which globally governs the operation of corpseorate fictions, having stood unrebutted for 30 days, stands forever as truth, with greater authority than any possible ruling via any judge or administrator fraudulently operating as a judge in any fraudulent court of any fraudulent jurisdiction now operating fraudulently as government or national scope but which are merely religious or commercial corpseorate service organizations which have absolutely no authority other than that granted to them by contract, and i, tomril, embodied as celeste:crystalfaery specifically do not under any circumstances ever contract with any such corpseorate entity as e.g., but not limited to this list of organizations:

My Affidavit of Truth issued under unlimited commercial liability:
Affidavit of Truth, Registered Mail#RR190195169US

i, celeste:crystalfaery, a peaceful woman upon the land of Kilauea, Kaua'i, require all to know and honor my change of lawful name as of 2015-12-21 winter solstice, from the previous "Angela Kahealani" to the current name "celeste:crystalfaery". This lawful fact, having been established in previous affidavits of truth, which having remained unrebutted for more than 30 days according to UCC, which governs all corporate fictions, is to be honored by all, as failure to do so does constitute trespass upon my sovereign rights as a living being of inherant jurisdiction.
Failure of Hawaiian Telcom to correct their records constitutes knowing and willful tresspass upon my rights, or the crime of gross negligence and incompetence, which in UCC contract law is equivalent to fraud.
The HawTel accounts requiring correction are:
200000000606600 and 200000000421383, and the white-pages listing for 808-822-5272 also must be updated to "crystalfaery, celeste".
HawTel has already negotiated two months of service payments from celeste:crystalfaery with no protest. Correct your records.

executed at Kilauea, Kaua'i 2016-02-22 08:20HST
upon Unlimited Commercial Liability
nee: Angela Kahealani

Further, Affiant Sayeth Naught
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

HawTel continues to mail to Angela Kahealani, with all such mail being returned to them, because there is no such living being, and there is no such corporate fiction, and the statutes governing U.S. Postal mail stipulate it a crime by a fictional person to open mail not addressed to them.
All information & transactions are private between the parties & are non
negotiable. All rights claimed without prejudice by celeste:crystalfaery +1(808)822-5272

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