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1st January 1970
(Resonance) Magick
(Resonance) Magick is based upon quantum entanglement via harmonic resonance:
'you attract mirrors of the vibrations you hold internally'.
See also: Time-Line (Hopping)


If we choose to believe the cliché, what then is the result?
We are "buying into" a "reality" of disempowerment, which denies our actual spiritual powers as creator god(desse)s, expressed, e.g. in the "biblical" aphorism:
"If thy faith be merely as large as a mustard seed, thou couldst move mountains[, if thou be ready to accept the karma for moving the mountains! -- celeste]".

Therefore, when a repeated pattern of applying focussed attention, onto a committed intention, is failing to manifest for us, we must then ask ourselves:

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