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1st January 1970
[Cartoon Spring]

The "reparation fantasy" is a construct of the ego-personality, to which we can become very attached, and very unwilling to release. When we have suffered and or sacrificed in some "large" manner, we may construct the fantasy of "what the future reality must deliver", for our suffering to have been "worthwhile", and therefore the reparation fantasy has to be very, very "good" to "make up for" the previous and / or current suffering. Once we have "bought into" the reparation fantasy as justification for continuing to live, then the challenge is that to let it go is to face that we would have preferred to die previously, and that therefore, all our suffering and attempts to attain the reparation fantasy, have been in vain, and we are left facing the injustice and unfairness of life. Once we can release attachment to the future "pay-off" of the fantasy, and forgive the past suffering, we can be free in the now to live in the now.

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