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1st January 1970
[Kingdom of Atooi]

This article is oriented to "Americans" (e.g. not-"Hawaiians"). Non-"Americans" may prefer "Air Jurisdiction".
There is, of course, another option for "Hawaiians", who, if not already out of "Admiralty Jurisdiction", need to follow some of this process, but, when it comes to making a new "allegiance to land", may choose to enter the Jurisdiction of any of the "Hawaiian" legal systems set up by men.

Debtors Jail by celeste Thu, 03 Aug 2017 19:27:37 -1000

i share some info relevant to those who are being oppressed by "the 'government'".

Firstly, all law is contract. If one does not contract with "them", then one cannot be in breach of contract, and one cannot owe them on any debt. "They" are debt collectors, in court or on the highway.

If one is foolish enough to contract with them, then expect them to enforce performance on the contract, and that is likely to involve taxes, i.e. debts. To respond to a court case by pleading "not guilty" is to state "I'm not willing to pay my debt". This will generally result in being sent to "debtor's prison", to pay in "time served".

You cannot pay them in real money, i.e. silver coin.

You can only offset the debt of money of account, by "Accept{ing,ance} For Value", and Return for Account Closure (adjust balance to 0).

i have cherry-picked these and converted them to audio only, but you can search on youtube for the source videos via the 11-character-hash-code preceeding the file extension (.ogg). i advise extreme discernment on Winston Shrout's material. My greatest advice is not to play their game at all.

As for "traffic" issues, if you don't hold as the "holder in due course" full title of your automobile, (e.g. the MSO (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin)), then you're dealing with split title, which means you're driving their car by their statutes and license, so slapping Hawaiian Kingdom plates on their vehicle is simply flying under a false flag. You must have full title to put your own sovereign flag on what you would like to believe is your vessel.

What, you like i, are *shocked* they're committing inland piracy?

Come out of Mammon, remove the Marks of the Beast. Export "your" vehicle out of THE STATE OF HAWAI'I to the United States Minor Outlaying Islands, (out of federal zone admiralty to land jurisdiction) as doing so will require they relinquish their half of title, so that you can become holder in due course of actual title.

Additional curiosities:

If your native software does not support the .flac or .ogg or .ogv files i prefer for being open-source un-patent-encumbered, you can always download VLC which plays everything:

The Final End of the Fraud -
Hail, the Emperor's New Clothes

By Anna Von Reitz

The problem as i see it, is not lack of action--
but lack of effective action--
and also lack of understanding of how the fraud has been accomplished.

We now have it completely dissected, the entire mechanism scraped down to the bone for everyone to see.

What it amounts to is commercial fraud resulting in inland piracy and unlawful conversion of assets, all based on copyright and trademark infringement and identity theft.

The vexing question has always been, how to put an end to it?
How to deliver an answer simple and inexpensive enough for the poorest and most ignorant people to benefit--
for if we leave anyone behind, we leave open the door for our own eventual re-enslavement.

Remedy has to be simple, cheap, easily understood, and easy to access.
What is it?

For Americans i believe it is as simple as "surrendering the PERSON" provided by the UNITED STATES, INC., thereby releasing oneself from any presumption of voluntary participation in the scam.

But to whom?
That is always the rub...
When one revokes an election to pay federal income taxes, one must notify the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service and the Commissioner of the IRS and now also the Commissioner of THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, past, present and future...

Who do you notify when giving back the odious "gift" of a PERSON?

The absolute source of the PERSON(S) is the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, so it makes sense to notify the SECRETARY OF COMMERCE--
but would you "surrender" a dangerous securitized PERSON to the SECRETARY OF COMMERCE?
Isn't that a bit like handing Charles Manson over to Porky Pig?

No, a notice to the SECRETARY OF COMMERCE who creates these noxious fictions and a notice to the SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE who holds the liens against them--
that makes practical sense as a "due notice" but they cannot logically be the official responsible for cashiering the PERSON.

The answer is in the 1934 Emergency Banking Act--
the Secretary of the Treasury, used to be Jacob Lew and now, Mr. Steven T. Mnuchin.

So that is the official responsible for "depositing" the PERSONS and we are the Bounty Hunters responsible for collecting and surrendering them, as in, "surrendering" a criminal or prisoner or in some cases, a coupon, voucher, or certificate... ah, a certificate, an insurance indemnity receipt...

This all goes back to whether you want to operate in commerce or in trade.

You are "gifted" with the PERSON, for example, JOHN MICHAEL DOE, to enable you to operate in commerce and thereby become subjected to federal regulation and federal taxation.
Oh, jolly!
We all wanted that, right?
We were just never told anything about it and forced into it when we were still babes in our cradles and didn't have a clue what was going on. Our Mothers were never told, either, so they couldn't tell us.

Our identities and our property were stolen literally "like candy from a baby" and the bastards got away with misrepresenting our political status, too.

That's how little John Michael Doe became a ward of the UNITED STATES and became identified as a US CITIZEN operating the commercial "vessel" JOHN MICHAEL DOE.

That's how we were press ganged and enslaved by the Queen of England and the Roman Pontiff, even though they are both supposed to be acting as our International Trustees.

The filthy vermin.

This is how we were forced to operate in commerce and fraudulently subjected to the foreign federal government under delegated powers. We granted them control of our commerce--
not our trade--
and this is how they contrived to beat us and rob us.

The absolute bottom-of-the-barrel criminals operating as ELIZABETH II and FRANCISCUS are still profiting from this, and we can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. They used their undeclared Foreign Agents, members of the Bar Associations, to implement this vile fraud against Americans and then also to collect the resulting unjust enrichment--
and we can prove that in spades, too.

They funneled their ill-gotten gains through the Bank of New York Mellon, laundered it through the Vatican Bank, and then after the Pope got his cut, sent it back via the Bank of Canada so the Queen got her bit of the heist, and left the remainder for the politicians in DC to cut up and parcel out bribes and kick-backs to the Territorial "states" and "counties" as "federal revenue sharing".

Are you angry yet?
Title to your home and land and businesses has all been stolen by these vipers, even your DNA and your name has been stolen and copyrighted by these vicious prigs for their own benefit.

But there is a remedy.
You get an authenticated STATE OF WHATEVER copy of "YOUR" BIRTH CERTIFICATE and shove it up their rear by writing a few things in red ink on it and sending [to] Mr. Steven T. Mnuchin a Notice of Fiduciary Relationship otherwise known as IRS Form 56.

And that is the end of JOHN MICHAEL DOE and all "HIS" bogus debts, which you have been forced to pay off all your life. You have returned him whence he came and there can no longer be any presumption that you are knowingly, willingly, "voluntarily" playing this game in which you give them everything and receive nothing but their debts in return.

When "JOHN MICHAEL DOE" goes down the tubes, so does the JOHN M. DOE (bankrupt) Public Transmitting Utility set up by Mr. Obummer. Be sure and tell Mr. Steven T. Mnuchin that you want the entire "US CITIZENSHIP ORGANIZATION" liquidated and credited to The United States of America account without recourse.

And what is the Red Writing that you need to apply to the authenticated BIRTH CERTIFICATE?

Without disturbing the rivets connecting the BC with the fancy authentication certificate from the Territorial "State of" Secretary of State, you need to take a red ink pen and on the upper left hand corner of the BC print:
Accepted by Drawee by: __Your_Signature_and_the_date__

Then on the back print: Pay to the Order of the United States of America, U.S. Treasury. Without Recourse. by: __Your_Signature_and_the_date__

Send a cover letter along with the IRS Form 56 "Notice of Fiduciary Relationship" to Mr. Steven T. Mnuchin and instruct him to open your credit account using the Registered Mail Number used to send him your packet containing the Form 56 and the Authenticated BC as the account number.

This credit is what is owed to you and your ancestors who were bilked. When you do this, the so-called "National Debt" is offset by the actual National Credit.

The Internal Revenue Service is the agency responsible for returning your credit and titles to your land and all your other property and is also responsible for prosecuting the rats who promulgated the unlawful seizure of your private assets to pay their public debts.

Tell Mr. Steven T. Mnuchin your claim is indemnified under subrogation by Private Registered Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 and Payment Bond AMRI00003 RA393427653US.

Send it all to Mr. Steven T. Mnuchin via Registered Mail, keeping a copy and all receipts for your records.

An effort needs to be mounted to force the immediate issuance of credit cards related to these accounts to the people who have been defrauded and abused all these years so as to expedite their timely receipt of credit due and put a stop to any further false claims and inconvenience resulting from the continued billing of utility and other bills to JOHN MICHAEL DOE and JOHN M. DOE and whatever other fictions they can dream up and offer as voo-doo doll DEBTORS.

Mr. Trump and the members of the "Congress" need to be truly lit up with the news that this fraud is at an end.

As for all the rest, report it to the Internal Revenue Service.

In Foreclosure?
Facing criminal "charges"?

These vermin have been double-dipping and robbing you and not reporting the "extra" income. They've been making false claims on abandonment and seizing hidden escrow bond accounts held in your NAME. They've been "securitizing" you as a slave, right down to your DNA and your name and selling "YOU" on the open market.

If you aren't ready to spit, you surely ought to be.

The Roman Pontiff's private Bill Collectors duded up and impersonating judges so as to provide "an appearance of justice" under "Federal Rules of Civil Procedure"
-- har, har, har!--
have been eating out your substance like moths for decades and not paying their taxes.

Imagine that?

Sounds like the Internal Revenue Service ought to be notified.

Anna Goes Queen for a Day... and delivers an agenda of further remedies.

All commerce is exercised in blue ink. Commercial signatures of "Account Holders" are in script in Upper and Lower Case. All sea jurisdiction transactions entered into by US PERSONS are understood to be in commerce. You are considered to be acting as a US PERSON if you retain such a PERSON. You surrender these PERSONS via surrendering the BC to the Secretary of the Treasury and appoint him your Fiduciary and credit the United States of America, U.S. Treasury, without recourse.

Dear Lucretia -- Mortgage Relief -- and The Rest of the Story
By Anna Von Reitz 30 May 2017 05:56 AM PDT

Dear Lucretia,

The federal government has claimed that you were a federal government employee throughout your working life, but once you retire, you retire-- and you are owed your pension and your freedom from any further presumption of federal obligation or employment.

You simply send a letter to the State Secretary of State and inform him or her that you have retired and have returned to your birth right political status as an American state national. They owe you your retirement just like any other big corporation owes its employee pensions.

If you are like my Mother and offended that she was ever considered to be-- or tricked into serving as-- a federal citizen at all, you can express your ire, too. It's time these "public servants" got a wake up call.

If you have children, this is a good time to repent of the mistakes that so many of us where misled or forced to make when we misidentified our children as "US citizens" and unwittingly "enrolled" them as such at the hospital when they were born. My Mother provided a sworn testament that she recorded in the public record, stating that she had been confused by the similar jargon and that the only "United States" we ever were part of was the fifty states of the Union. I recommend that all Mothers do this for their children. i have done it for my son.

If you actually worked for the federal government the portion of your pension that is based on federal employment is taxable, but if like so many of us, you never actually worked for the federal government or only served in the military for a couple years, etc., so that the amount of pension money from actual federal employment is negligible, you are eligible to claim your exemption from federal income taxes. You send a Letter of Revocation of Election to the Commissioners of both the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service and tell them that you revoke your election to pay federal income taxes beginning with October the first of last year or any prior year you choose.

	Internal Revenue
	Office of the Commissioner
	Room 3000
	1111 Constitution Avenue NW
	Washington, DC 20204-0002
	Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service
	Department of the Treasury
	P.O. Box 480 
	Holtsville, New York 11742-0480

If you follow the process i set out for everyone last month in the article [] "How to Correct Your Political Status and Why" you are also eligible to claim your exemption from the mortgage that has been placed on your home. i know this will be hard to grasp, but you the living woman, have never had a mortgage in your life. You have never owed any property taxes, either. Why? Because you are, as a natural born American, the actual landlord.

The mortgage is owed by a Municipal United States STATE franchise corporation that is merely named after you or your husband or both. You have been tricked into paying off ITS mortgage. If you are now elderly and unable to pay the mortgage because your income is fixed and hasn't kept pace with inflation, or because of medical bills or other issues, you can force those responsible for entrapping you and misinforming you to pay for both the mortgage and the court case costs.

Now i want you to follow along very carefully. You are going to send your IRS Form 56 appointing Mr. Steven T. Mnuchin your Fiduciary and the copy of your Birth Certificate properly endorsed and "surrendered" to the U.S. Treasury and a letter to Mr. Steven T. Mnuchin telling him that you are waiving any benefit of the Public Charitable Trust or Limited Liability insurance and that you are instead operating under Private Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 for your state of the union. You are going to send this to him via Registered Mail. All this is covered in [my] article "How to Correct Your Political Status and Why".

Go to the Post Office and get a red and white Registered Mail Label and the white service receipt and the instructions you will need to send a letter using Registered Mail.

Each red and white Registered Mail Label has a unique nine digit number associated with it. Typically, the whole number will read something like this: RA 123 456 789 US. You are going to tell Mr. Steven T. Mnuchin that you need him to do two things:

  1. discharge and settle all debts related to Social Security Masterfile Account #123-45-6789 (whatever SSN you have) and
  2. set up a new Treasury Account using the number of your Registered Mail packet as the account number.
  3. Now go to a print shop and order yourself a self-inking red ink stamp.

    That stamp needs to read like this:

    	all rights reserved, Without Recourse
    	Exemption ID: [ fill in your SSN without dashes]
    	Deposit to US Treasury Charge the same to
    	YOUR NAME [ written FIRST MIDDLE LAST] and YOUR SSN with dashes
    	Private Indemnity Bond # AMRI00001 (your birth state like Colorado)
    	Registered Treasury Acct. # (your Registered Mail Number)

    In the end, it's going to look like this, only with your own numbers and information filled in:

    	all rights reserved, Without Recourse
    	Exemption ID: 123456789
    	Deposit to US Treasury Charge the same to
    	JOHN MICHAEL DOE 123-45-6789
    	Private Indemnity Bond # AMRI00001 Idaho
    	Registered Treasury Acct. # RE 123 453 673 US

    You put this stamp on the front and the back of a copy of the docket sheet -- the first sheet of every pleading in your foreclosure case that shows the name of the court and the PLAINTIFF and the DEFENDANT and the Court Case Number. Just put it right in the middle of a copy of the first filing you received.

    Now you are going to sign this stamp block by: Last Name, First Name Middle Name. Like this: Doe, John Michael on the line above the words "all rights reserved, Without Recourse".

    Do it both front and back of that first page and send that page back to the Clerk of Court [via] Registered Mail.

    This gives that Clerk all the information that he or she needs to discharge the Bid Bond in that Foreclosure Case and return the property to you and release the case. Request re-conveyance of the property in a letter addressed to the Clerk at the same time. They should reply with a one-page Deed of Re-Conveyance that you then take to the Land Recording Office and record. In most cases you will need to wait 30 days and then file a Corrected Deed on the Deed of Re-Conveyance changing the NAME to your Upper and Lower Case Name and making the address an "in care of" address or changing it to a different mailing address entirely. This will complete the change over of the records.

    If you are African American they may try to challenge this, but you hang tight and claim your Equal Civil Rights guaranteed under Title 42 and the Brother's Keeper Clause of Title 18 USC 241 and 242 if they do.

    If they continue to give you any trouble, you are going to go to the IRS website at and you are going to order a Form 1096 and a Form 1099A and a Form 1040 V.

    Form 1096 is a cover letter that just tells the IRS what kind(s) of other forms you are enclosing with it. Form 1099A is a triplicate form with three copies each of three little coupon-like forms all attached together. Form 1040 V is a single Voucher form and again, it is just a little slip of paper about the size of a check that comes printed on the bottom of its instruction sheet. You have to cut it free with a pair of scissors.

    Okay, you check off the kinds of forms you are sending on the 1096 cover letter: 1096, 1099, 1040V.

    The 1099A is called "Acquisition or Abandonment of Secured Property".

    Now the first piece of property you want to claim is your own trust account.

    The first box on the 1099A asks the LENDER's name and address. The LENDER is YOUR NAME, sent in care of your normal mailing address. LENDER's ID number is YOUR SSN without dashes. The BORROWER's NAME is:
    Department of the Treasury,
    1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,
    Washington, DC 20220.
    The Account Number box is going to be your SSN Without Dashes/Your Registered Treasury Account Number (the Registered Mail Number you used). Box Number 1 is going to be the File Date (not your actual birthday) found on your Birth Certificate. The Balance and Fair Market Value are going to be "Unknown". Box 5 you leave blank. Box 6 you write: Assumed Names Related to Trust Account at 31 USC 1321, being claimed per 31 USC 1322 by Beneficiary.

    The second Form 1099A on that sheet of three is where you claim your house back.

    At the top of the form it asks for the name of the LENDER and their address. The LENDER is YOUR NAME sent in care of your normal mailing address. LENDER's ID number is YOUR SSN without dashes. The BORROWER's NAME is the name of the bank or mortgage servicing company that is foreclosing on you and their business address. Under that you will see an "Account Number-- write YOUR SSN without any dashes/Your new Registered Treasury Account : RE 123 345 598 US (whatever it turns out to be) and the Borrower's Account Number-- whatever they use to mark the mortgage account in their system when they send bills to you.

    The date of the lender's acquisition will be the first year of the mortgage. The balance of principal outstanding will be: "unknown" and so will the "fair market value" . You will leave Item 5 blank because you don't know the arrangements made in YOUR behalf. Item 6 will be the description of the property you are claiming-- Lot and Block or Street address, however it appears in the mortgage and foreclosure paperwork.

    You can use the third 1099 A on that sheet to claim back any other property you have a valid interest in. I'd suggest that you claim the Court Case -- again, the LENDER is YOUR NAME, the BORROWER is the Court name and address, the "account" is the Court Case Number, the year is whenever the foreclosure started, the balance and fair market value are unknown, and the description is: "Foreclosure of Property Case and Bid Bond".

    Basically, any bill that gets sent to LUCRETIA is a bill that you are exempt from having to pay. Any bill that you get addressed to LUCRETIA can be discharged using your little stamp and signing it Last Name, First Middle,-- once you get things straight with the Treasury and reclaim your birthright.

    Now, the IRS is your friend. They are going to do all the work of researching everything for you and collecting on all that is owed to you. You are going to pay them for all this service by issuing a 1040 V. This is the little coupon-like voucher you have to cut off the bottom of the instruction page that comes with it. It is pretty self-explanatory. You just use your red stamp on the back of the 1040V and you write: " Use my pass through account to pay any taxes or charges and to research claims and perform collections" above the stamp information and you sign it as you always do for your stamp, Last Name, First Middle.

    You leave the amount blank because neither you nor the IRS has any idea how much this investigation/prosecution/tax payment is going to cost-- and yes, this is like giving them a blank check; however, they are sworn to serve you and your trust and have to account to the Treasury for their charges, so all things considered it is the most expeditious way for everyone to operate right now and in time to save your house if the Court Clerk is either too stubborn or ignorant to do the right thing.

    You fold up your 1096, your three (or more) 1099A Forms, your stamped 1040V, and you send the whole thing in Registered Mail to:

    	Internal Revenue Service CID
    	Post Office Box 192,
    	Covington, Kentucky 41050.

    Now i know it is shocking to think of the IRS as your friend and ally, but that's the way it is. And i know this LOOKS like a lot of work and complexity, but it really isn't. The forms are simple and worst part is waiting for the IRS to send them. It takes a week or two sometimes.

    This process and information -- both that contained in "How to Correct Your Political Status and Why" and this information that is the follow-up of it, will profoundly change your relationship with the "federal government" and your life. Some people go hog wild and try to do crazy things that are not allowed and they get into trouble as a result. i want to caution you against doing anything extravagant or unreasonable or vindictive.

    This is information provided to do justice and nothing else. It is provided to you as an elderly woman who has been loyal to this country and worked hard all your life to protect you and to save you from losing your home. This information and the power to discharge debts addressed to YOUR NAME has to be used in Good Faith or you will end up in federal jail.

    So what do i mean by Good Faith? The way you would want to be treated. Let me give you some examples.

    It is fair for you to discharge a mortgage on your principle dwelling when you need to do so: you are elderly and can't keep up, you are sick and can't afford it, your business has failed, you went through an unpleasant divorce.....there are all sorts of valid reasons that you might need to do this, but, you wouldn't do it just for a lark or go out and buy up ten luxury vacation properties and plead necessity for discharging all of them. That's not reasonable or prudent or fair. That is not "Good Faith". That is a purposeful manipulation that isn't allowed and you will get in trouble for it.

    It is fair for you to discharge utility bills that you cannot afford. Again, you are elderly or sick or just starting out and struggling really hard and for whatever good, decent, actual reason need to "let go of the rope" -- use your stamp. You've been a Good Joe and done your part for 79 years. Nobody has any right to complain if you kick back now and discharge all your utility bills so long as they are public utilities. In most places that means electrical, water, waste management, and gas.

    Same thing with your car payments, college debts, medical bills, property taxes. It doesn't mean that you should run out and buy a Lexus and two Hummers and charge them off against the U.S. Treasury, but if it's hard for you to pay for your 2015 Chevy that you need to get to work, or too much for your family to pay tuition, or you got hit with a medical bill you just can't cope with-- then by all means, six generations of Americans have suffered so that you could not have to worry about that, so that you could get back on your feet after an illness, a divorce, a business failure, or so many other things that can happen.

    We did not suffer and "loan" our resources so that 79 year old women could be kicked out of their homes by foreign banks and attacked by out of control government agencies. There's a line-- a fine line-- between what is good and what is bad, what is fair and what is unjust. Somewhere in our own hearts and minds we know where that line is. Pay attention to it and you will find that friendship and decency still abide, that you are free and you are safe, and that the foreclosures and tax debts and so many other things that have been oppressive weights and worries for you, can go away.

    At your age there are often maintenance issues with a house or car that you need to fix, but you are kept so burdened down with light bills and heat bills and mortgages and whatever else, that you can't keep your home safe and in repair. Use your Treasury Account to pay the things that can be paid with that, and use your private money to take care of the rest. i know seniors who are facing a choice between paying the mortgage or eating. Charge back the mortgage and buy that organic grapefruit, Lucretia.

    You and your husband and your parents and grandparents all earned it. There is no reason to feel bad or ashamed or like you are getting an unearned handout. You are just flipping a switch and learning to operate your own business in a different way and accessing resources you didn't know you had.

    Everyone needs to know that there are those who do have to pay federal taxes and can't -- at this point in their lives -- claim their exemption. Actual federal employees both civilian and military have to pay income taxes, for example. Black Americans never received their actual state national political status, so their route to freedom and access to their resources is a bit different. Certain other categories of people can't do this -- foreigners seeking political asylum, actual wards of the government such as people who have been permanently hospitalized for mental illness, and other such actual dependents.

    But for most of us, the time has come to become aware of the history and those reliefs and remedies that are available at this time, while we work toward a systemic end to all mortgages worldwide.

    Pay Attention! -- If You Want to Save Your Butts!
    By Anna Von Reitz 08 Jun 2017 03:41 PM PDT

    Apparently a lot of people didn't notice or didn't pay attention or didn't know what it meant when i told everyone that i had established a Private Indemnity Bond at the U.S. Treasury covering every state of the Union---- but that is critical information to have branded on your foreheads in the days to come.

    The UNITED STATES, INC. is in liquidation. The Bankruptcy Trustees are going to try to liquidate, sell, tax, or otherwise raise funds off of all the franchises of the UNITED STATES, INC. This includes the STATE OF MINNESOTA and CRAWFORD COUNTY, MINNESOTA, and JOHN MICHAEL DOE, too.

    When your land deeds and car titles and mortgages are all in the NAME OF a UNITED STATES franchise, what do you think is going to happen? You are going to be "assumed to be a surety" and "collateral" for the debts of all these fictitious entities, and the secondary creditors---- banks and foreign investors--- are going to be howling for your blood and for the auctioning off of your assets to pay the bills of the UNITED STATES.

    Get it? This is a repeat of what FDR did back in the 1930's only worse. This time the rotten bastards want it all. They want the copyright to your name, they want your DNA, they want your body, your house, your business, your land---- anything that is "assumed" to belong to the JOHN MICHAEL DOE version of your NAME. See "Power to Sell -- The Latest Land Grab".

    If you are like most people, you had no idea that any such secretive claim against you or your assets existed and unless you have been reading the news posted here, this is going to catch you blind-sided. You are not going to know what to do and you are not going to have anything in place to defend yourself--- UNLESS--- you remember that you and your property are indemnified against loss.

    How, why, by whom? By me and by my team because we were awake and got things in place for you. Just as neighbors, we did all the work so that at this crucial moment in history, you could remember in which state you were born and write the following: "Held under Private Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 RA393427640US Montana" ----or the same numbers and whatever your birth state is, on your land deeds, vehicle titles, or any other property assets they come after and try to seize.
    AMRI00001 RA393427640US Alaska
    AMRI00001 RA393427640US Alabama
    AMRI00001 RA393427640US Arkansas.....
    This is your "Home Free" Card, your indemnity policy, your means to rebut all and any claims that come addressed against actual assets held in the ALL CAPITAL LETTERS NAMES. Please do all that you can to help and inform your friends and neighbors and countrymen. i have given specific instructions for those facing sudden huge "tax" bills, and "Notices of Power to Sell" and similar demands being made against their homes and land holdings in the article called:
    "Power to Sell" --
    The Latest Land Grab".
    P.S. --
    Use the Private Indemnity Bond to Protect Your Bank Accounts and IRA's and 401K's, too. Inform the banks and IRA / 401K managers via Registered Mail that your accounts are private accounts and are held under Private Registered Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 RA393427640US - Your Home State.

    "Power to Sell" --
    The Latest Land Grab
    By Anna Von Reitz

    All over the country alarmed homeowners and landowners are getting unexpected demands to pay large amounts of taxes that they never heard about. These bills appear out of the blue, usually with a "Notice of Power to Sell".

    What is happening is that the UNITED STATES, INC. is in liquidation. That means that the STATE OF IDAHO is in liquidation. So is CRAWFORD COUNTY. So is JOHN MICHAEL DOE. These are all franchises of the UNITED STATES, INC., so they are all being liquidated, too.

    The bankruptcy trustees are going around and trying to settle the debts of CRAWFORD COUNTY by taxing or selling off property belonging to franchisees like JOHN MICHAEL DOE who happen to have property in CRAWFORD COUNTY for the benefit of Secondary Creditors to the bankruptcy liquidation.

    They are able to do this because they are trying to claim that the whereabouts of the actual owners and their identities are unknown, so that the property is abandoned.

    What to do?

    Go do the Land Recording Office and get a certified copy of the present deed.

    Go home and create a Corrected Deed to file on top of it.

    You are going to correct the name of the owner from JOHN MICHAEL DOE to Doe, John Michael or Doe, J.Michael, or some other variation that suits you.

    Next, you are going to correct the address. If it was "1911 Sugarplum Lane" you are going to change it to in care of a Post Office Box or your business address or your Mom's mailing address. One way or another, you are going to change it.

    Next, you are going to change the land description itself. If they were using Lot and Block, you are going to use the Plat Numbers, or a Metes and Bounds description. If you can afford it, get a land surveyor to do a new survey and attach that to the corrected deed. The point is, you are going to change it.

    As part of the land description you are going to add a tag line of new information.

    If you were born in say, Montana, you are going to write the following on your corrected deed:

    Covered under Private Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 RA393427640US Montana.

    This tells the Bankruptcy Trustees to back all the way off until their butts hit seawater.

    i set up a Private Indemnity Bond at the U.S. Treasury covering every one of the fifty states. You can indemnify your property against all and any claims against JOHN MICHAEL DOE by piggy-backing onto your home state's indemnity bond and making reference to the bond in your land description.

    The rats will have to discharge their claim and set it aside because the actual Principal Priority Creditors have come forward and staked their claim.

    Spread the word and the instructions and help your neighbors. This is all about helping each other through this onslaught of fraud. Go door to door if need be.

    Act of Expatriation, Domicile Declaration and Allegiance

    Whereas ________________ and ________________ and ________________ and all similarly named vessels in trade or commerce are all naturalized "citizens of the United States" under the Diversity Clause and are the age of majority and whereas such citizenship was never desired nor intended nor willingly nor voluntarily entered into under conditions of full disclosure They/THEY willingly and purposefully renounce all citizenship or other assumed political status or obligation related to the United States defined as "the territories and District of Columbia" (13 Stat. 223, 306, ch. 173, sec. 182, June 30, 1864) and its government, a corporation doing business variously as the UNITED STATES, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, District of Columbia Municipal Corporation, etc., and permanently domicile upon and repatriate to the soil of Their/THEIR birth known as _______________ and freely affirm Their/THEIR allegiance to the same actual and organic state of the Union and do accept and reclaim Their/THEIR true nationality as American State Nationals and American State Vessels in all international and maritime commerce including all operations under Article X of The Constitution for the united State of America and Article X of The Constitution of the United States of America, owned and operated by ________________, ________________ at ________________, ________________, ________________ Postal Code Extension ________, c/o Post Office Box ________, ________________, ________________ Postal Code Extension ________

    This action i validate and affirm this _____day of _______, 2017: ______________________ by ________________, all rights reserved.

    Notary Witness
    ________________ State
    ________________ County
    This _____day of ________ 2017 did visit one living woman known as ________________________________ and she did establish this Act of Expatriation, Domicile and Allegiance freely and without coercion, in Witness whereof i set my sign and seal: ____________________________Notary; my commission expires on______________.


    Title, Lien, and Bond
    By Anna Von Reitz 18 Jun 2017 06:14 PM PDT

    Go to my website,,
    #560: How to Correct Your Political Status and Why,
    #607: Dear Lucretia --- Mortgage Relief -- and The Rest of the Story,
    #620: Pay Attention! -- If You Want to Save Your Butts!
    and those three articles lay out the entire process both for your personal redemption and your land protection. Please note that anyone can do the Corrected Deed process. Anyone can claim protection for their land under the Private Registered Indemnity Bond for their state of the union. The Corrected Deed process can be done right now, whether or not you have completed the process to free yourself from citizenship presumptions, because the indemnity is for your state of the union. Later, when you get your own political status cleaned up and you are officially "back on the land" you can use the Private Registered Indemnity Bond as i described for Lucretia.

    For people who are actually federal civilian employees, people of color, political asylum seekers, federal welfare benefit recipients --
    things are not so clear --
    but it appears to me that you can exercise the same protections via claim upon "Equal Civil Rights" provisions if you are challenged. This same process is now engaged in other countries and i am getting desperate calls and emails from people who are facing similar claims and demands worldwide. Obviously, the Private Registered Indemnity Bond established for the states does not apply worldwide, but the Payment Bond presented to the Holy See via the Vatican Chancery Court (Bank) does.

    Anyone who is willing to live under the Law of Heaven --
    keep the peace,
    treat others as you would be treated,
    and respect the free will of others so long as they don't harm anyone or anything else --
    can claim the protection of the Payment Bond, AMRI00003 RA393427653US on file with the Vatican Chancery Court. Please note that there is a "Declaration of Law" involved in making a claim under the Universal Payment Bond. In declaring yourself subject to these three Laws of Heaven you are committing yourself to obey them and setting yourself free from all other obligations. The Law of Heaven is universal, applicable globally, in all places, at all times. So, if you are a violent gangster pursuing a life of crime and are only repenting in order to get your tail out of a bind, think twice. If you are not pure in your intention, your action will be counted against you --
    and as there are no secrets, your intentions will be known. There is help available to all on Earth, but only those who submit to the Law of Heaven can access it in good conscience and without a good conscience and good will to fulfill the Universal Law, the benefit received will still weigh against you. It is essential that everyone learn the importance of regaining your title, making your lien, and accessing your bond.

    The "title" to you, is YOUR Birth Certificate. This is where they split the title to the entity they created as an ESTATE trust and named after you, leaving the STATE OF_________ as the "presumed" equitable title holder, and you as the legal title holder. When you bring YOUR BC and turn it back to the Secretary of the Treasury, you are announcing your "return" to living status so far as the Municipal United States and its bankruptcy trustees are concerned, and making him your Fiduciary obligates him to settle the accounts. That title is then complete, both halves united and returned.

    The "lien" is accomplished using a UCC-1 Financing Statement to file a Non-UCC Claim (Box 6) against the NAMES and the organizations spun off the names. For example, the debtors "JOHN MICHAEL DOE, BANKRUPT CITIZENSHIP ORGANIZATION" and "JOHN M. DOE, BANKRUPT PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITY ORGANIZATION" are subject to lien by Doe, John Michael. The bond has been set up for your individual state of the union where you were born and you can claim protection under the existing Private Registered Indemnity Bond for your state or you can set up a bond of your own. You now have actually completed title, lien, and bond to control your life estate. The final step is to record your actions in the land jurisdiction. You do this via a simple Deed of Reconveyance removing your Name and NAMES and all variations thereof to the land and soil of your birth --
    for example, North Carolina. Your Name can then no longer be "presumed" to be a Foreign Situs Trust and none of your NAMES (or property attached to those names) can be attached as property belonging to any municipal franchise.

    Retired Means Retired!
    By Anna Von Reitz 18 Jun 2017 05:36 PM PDT

    Once you are "retired" you are retired and that is that. You are owed your pension and health insurance from "the government" corporation in the same way that you would be owed your pension and health insurance from IBM or Walmart or REI.

    You do not have any further obligation to the corporation. You can live wherever in whatever jurisdiction you wish. You simply have to make a choice --
    freedom or continued slavery? Having made that choice, you inform the State Secretary of State that you are retiring from any presumption of United States Citizenship or enfranchisement and are returning to your natural birthright status.

    You don't lose anything, you simply change your political status. You "surrender" the Municipal PERSON created by the Birth Certificate back to the Secretary of the Treasury, you rescind your "Voter Registration" and you record the simple Improved Act of Expatriation that also covers your domicile and your allegiance to the land jurisdiction state. You inform your bank that your account is a private account and all funds transferred and deposited must be denominated as lawful money. You put a label "Retired Not for Hire" on the back of your drivers license. You buy "forever tags" for your license plates and "unregister" your car.

    As a former federal civil service employee you will have to continue to pay federal income taxes on that portion of your pension that actually comes from federal employment. If you worked for the federal government your whole life, you will have to pay income taxes on the whole amount. If you were in private employment for 30 years and the bulk of your pension is based on that, you only pay federal taxes on the portion derived from later federal employment.

    For most people whose only "federal employment" may have been a two year stint as a young man in the military, the amount of their pensions derived from such slight attachment to the federal corporation is negligible and they don't have to pay federal income taxes at all, and are naturally exempt.

    You have not been taught any of this, because it was to the advantage of these foreign corporations that you never learn it and never exercise your exemptions and never be free. It is to their advantage if they can take and take and take, and never have to pay back anything. As a "citizen" you are at their mercy and have to accept whatever they give you, just as any slave must. As a state national, you are guaranteed their service and protection and are owed all the guarantees of the original Constitution.

    If you were born in this country, it's your choice how you want to live and what kind of status you wish to adopt. It is not THEIR choice and once you exercise your exemption, THEY have no right to say one word to you about it.

    Step One Complete..... Now What? Dear Ernie.
    By Anna Von Reitz, June 19

    i keep getting questions from people who have sent back their endorsed Birth Certificates to the Secretary of the Treasury and their Form 56 and instructions, etc., and they are asking me-- now what?

    Step Two: You have to do the expatriation and the revocation of Voter Registration, too.

    This is a double-whammy trap they have created-- both Municipal "citizenship" and Territorial "Citizenship" have to be renounced.

    Returning the BC to the Secretary of the Treasury "surrenders" the "criminal" PERSON back whence "he" came and cashiers the MUNICIPAL "citizen"-- now you still have to deal with the Territorial Citizen-- the presumed Foreign Situs Trust operating under your Upper and Lower Case name.

    Your name in the form "John Michael Doe" is a Trade Name when domiciled on the land, and a Foreign Situs Trust when domiciled on the sea. You have assumed all your life that you are acting on the land and are a landsman, but thanks to the surreptitious corruption and falsification of the public records which your Mother unknowingly signed at the hospital, you have been mis-identified as a orphaned, fatherless child donated to the "State of........." organization, which is a foreign corporation operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

    It is that fundamental "misunderstanding" that you now need to address.

    i posted a good example of an Act of Expatriation on my website yesterday. It's better than most of the examples you can find because it is simple, direct, and takes care of the issues of both domicile and political allegiance. Most Acts of Expatriation simply declare what you are not and leave the rest hanging. This one declares both the permanent domicile of your names (that is, your "vessels" in trade) and your allegiance to the land and soil of your actual birth state. You will find it at the bottom of the list. Look for "Improved Act of Expatriation".

    You also have to get rid of any "Voter Registration". You do this by notifying the State of State Voter Registration Office and having your name removed. Once you realize that what they are doing is operating a foreign corporation on your soil and are offering you "enfranchisement" -- as in Dairy Queen franchise -- and voting rights in exchange for your natural right to elect your own public officials and conduct your own government and live under your own law, you should have absolutely no regret about no longer being a "voter" and no longer participating in their private, foreign corporate elections.

    That completes the rebuttal of both forms of federal citizenship-- both MUNICIPAL and Territorial. If you use my Act of Expatriation, it also clears up the matter of your actual permanent domicile being on the land of your native state of the Union and makes your allegiance to that state clear.

    Having completed Step One and Step Two (which has two parts-- the recorded Act of Expatriation and the revocation of Voter Registration) you are back on the land of the state where you were born, a free American.

    Step Three is to "retire" from any presumption of federal employment. Notify the private "Social Security Administration" that you have retired from all federal employment and have returned to your native birthright political status. If they have any objections or claims give them five (5) business days to reply and tell them that if you do not hear from them in that time you will accept their agreement that all insurances, services, and benefits of the Social Security program are due and owing to you regardless of political affiliation or lack thereof and that you are free to receive your pension and other program services without prejudice, presumption or claim otherwise.

    As part of Step Three you are free to revoke your election to pay federal income taxes, so long as you are not actually a federal civilian or military employee or dependent, political asylum seeker or otherwise prohibited from relinquishing this particular duty. If you work for the corporation, you have to do what the corporation says. The corporation has the right to dock your pay, if you agree to it, as a condition of employment-- if they call this a "tax" it is in the euphemistic sense, because they are not actually a government, but a governmental services corporation. They can also "tax" that part of your retirement pension that comes from actual federal employment.

    Most Americans have (a) never worked in any capacity for the federal government in their lives or (b) have spent a couple years in the military, which upon retirement accounts for such a tiny part of their pension that it is far, far below the amount of the standard deduction and can be totally discounted as taxable pension "income". You have instead been misidentified as an unpaid "volunteer" warrant officer in the Merchant Marine Service, known as a "Withholding Agent" and you have contributed to the confusion by agreeing -- under penalty of perjury no less -- that you are a "Withholding Agent".

    Now that you know that you are not a voluntary warrant officer in the Merchant Marines, you can admit the "mistake" and revoke your election to pay federal income taxes.

    Driver Licenses? we all know that if you don't have a DL you are subjected to endless harassment and there is also a possible presumption that you are not a "safe" driver, etc., so, what to do? Place a label stating "Retired. Not for Hire." on the back of the license or write the same in permanent marker on the back of the license. This gives any arresting officer proper notice of your status.

    If he gives you a ticket anyway, sign it with your Trade Name, using the word "by" to create a "by-line" for your version of "John Henry Doe", and add the words "Without Prejudice" or "All rights reserved" as part of your signature. He will give you a copy of the ticket, not the wet-ink original. Return the copy to the Clerk indicated on the ticket within 3 days, and simply ask them to send you the original ticket-- there must have been a mistake, because you were only given a copy and you can't pay based on a copy.

    The problem for them is that they have already cashed in the original wet-ink copy of the ticket and been paid. Their additional effort to charge you a second time is just plain old double-dipping. So do your public duty and help put an end to corruption of the police forces.

    You can buy "forever" tags for your car. These "Z tags" are a one time charge and they place your car in a private category amounting to a recording of foreign property. This is not ideal, but it beats being harassed by ignorant hyped-up patrolmen.

    Passports? Same thing. It doesn't really matter what they say, it matters what you say and do. Every Passport has a signature line confirming your identity, etc., so, again, write "Retired" and "by:" and add your disclaimers-- without prejudice, all rights reserved, UCC 1-308 to your signature. You aren't a federal citizen and aren't a federal employee. You are traveling under one of their passports because of their incompetence, so make it clear that you have "retired" from any such presumption and let the public record you have established and the Treasury Department take over from there.

    We have discovered that all court cases-- all court cases-- are decided based purely and simply on the public records. Nothing else. If you are a Municipal citizen operating under an account name like JOHN MICHAEL DOE, you are guilty by definition and all that goes on from there is a discussion about how much you owe and how long you will be in jail.

    If you are a Territorial Citizen operating under the name of a Foreign Situs Trust, the situation is a little different, but not much. If you haven't taken steps to correct the false public record, your name will show up in the same status as a Puerto Rican visiting America and you will still be under the federal classification, obligated to pay federal income taxes, presumed to be operating in commerce not trade, etc.

    You have been "subjected" without your knowing consent and it is up to you to object to this and the enslavement and false presumptions that go with it. You must place the corrected records and deeds and other information into the public record to rebut all these falsified claims.

    This includes Steps 1, 2, and 3.

    You also need to waive all "benefit" of limited liability provided by the governmental services corporation to its employees and either post a private registered indemnity bond with the Treasury Department or place your "vessels"--that is, all your names and accounts and deeds-- under the protection of the indemnity bond established for the actual state where you were born: AMRI00001 RA393427640US - Missouri for example.

    When that happens, those responsible for operating this "System" against you don't have the means to oppose you or claim any jurisdiction over you or your property. You come "home" to the actual states of the Union and assume your lawful standing as an American state national-- and also inherit the responsibility of operating your own local and state government.

    Work on Steps One, Two, and Three. Read the information contained here until it begins to make sense and then read it again. And again. And again. It will slowly begin to take shape in your mind and you will grasp the monstrous nature of the fraud that has been committed against you by people who were supposed to be here providing you and your states with "essential governmental services".

    Get yourselves free and then get to work restoring your fifty nation states, one county at a time.

    Judicial Notice of Claim -
    By Anna Von Reitz June 29, 2017

    This message is to Judge Thomas Hogan and Judge Royce Lamberth and shall constitute an official Judicial Notice of Claim to them and to The United States District Court for the District of Columbia:

    The American states and people that are the Paramount Security Interest Holders in all assets and collateral both registered and unregistered belonging to or claimed by or overseen by the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation, its heirs, franchises, or assigns including but not limited to the UNITED STATES, the USA, E PLURIBUS UNUM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the various Municipal STATE OF STATE franchises and Territorial State of State franchises ----have been found, alive and well, and right where they ought to be.

    It has come to our attention that our claims to our own land and assets have not been brought forward by our employees and so we have come to present ourselves to the court and to claim back our property which has been mis-represented as belonging to Cestui Que Vie Estate Trusts.

    We are of a completely different jurisdiction and character and political status as peaceful American "vessels" engaged in International Trade, permanently domiciled on the land and soil of the organic states, and we require that our assets be returned to us and held harmless from any claim of debt related to the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation, its franchises, heirs, or assigns.

    The Titles held against these bankrupt municipal corporate entities dba via ACCOUNTS designated by what appear to be names in the form: JOHN MICHAEL DOE and the corresponding territorial Foreign Situs Trusts dba John Michael Doe are hereby redeemed and reclaimed, re-conveyed and re-venued by the lawful owners to their natural jurisdiction on the land and soil of the organic states of the Union.

    All titles held under color of law and subjected to both probate and bankruptcy proceedings under false pretenses must be returned to the lawful owners of record no later than July 4, 2017 by action releasing them from any further presumption of municipal or territorial citizenship absent actual proof of:

    1. a properly executed Death Certificate with a plainly stated title of "Death Certificate" stating the time, place, and manner of death signed off on by a competent coroner;
    2. proof of actual paid employment by the municipal or territorial government, including position, supervisor, hours worked, job assignments, place of employment, departmental affiliation, and other details establishing actual, true employment by a federal municipal or territorial entity;
    3. proof of voluntary "personhood" together with stated proof of intent and full disclosure as required by Public Law;
    4. proof of colored person status established by DNA analysis accompanied by a voluntary waiver of equal civil rights provisions;
    5. proof of political asylum or voluntary seeking of federal benefits under conditions of full disclosure.

    The United States District Court for the District of Columbia, by and through Judge Thomas Hogan, has been given prior Notice of the living status of the American states dba Alabama State, Alaska State, et alia, and of the American people who have returned en masse to the land and soil of their birth. Copies of the Notice given have been and are being again presented to the Office of the Prosecutor at the World Court, along with a written and signed copy of this Judicial Notice of Claim, and will also be presented to the Pope, Queen Elizabeth II, and published for the world at large.

    Judge Anna Maria Riezinger
    Alaska State Superior Court
    3rd Postal District 
    c/o Post Office Box 520994
    Big Lake, Alaska 99652
    (907) 250-5087
    email: [email protected]

    "When we actual Americans seize our own Given Trade Names and re-convey them to their proper permanent domicile on the land and soil of the actual states instead of any 'state of state' dreamed up in the commercial world, and exercise our Common Law Copyright and record it in the land recording office effective with our actual birth day, all of the provisions of our original Constitution and our original Treaties lock in place, and we must be regarded as 'Protected Persons' and 'peaceful Vessels/VESSELS engaged in international trade'-- not as corporate franchises of some foreign corporation that has made insupportable claims against the American states and people in hopes of forcing them to assume debts they don't in fact owe."

    As a fairy in >air jurisdiction, my rights as a sovereign spirit are unalienable, and were brought with my soul into the body, rather than the illusion that due to circumstances of the body's birth that man's limited version of rights accrued to the body and thereby to the soul.
    While i comprehend the restoration of the 49 republics from the long standing criminal fraudulent usurpation of the in-corpse-orated foreign impostors, i am unwilling to abandon my allegiance to the divine, to lower myself to be governed by other incarnate beings, who are inherantly at most my equals, but too often in politics and mind-control (govern-ment), of far lesser ethics and consciousness. Thank you very much for your offer to think for me, however, i'll decline to join you in any contracts.
    i have every right to trade energy on any scale, (E=M*C2), as a sovereign living being of goddess, without recording a copy-right or trade-name, and i trust in the divine law of karma to keep things righteous.

    [As i, celeste:crystalfaery comprehend Anna's above article, Anna Von Reitz has just made the claim for all state nationals to be upon the land jurisdiction, and has ended any and all assumption anyone is voluntarily upon the jurisdiction of the sea, except the enumerated conditions. While this is all "well and good" for most (E)state Nationals of the 48 (e)states united and the 49th being Alaska, and it does finally allow those swimming in international commerce around the "Hawaiian islands" to finally surf a wave onto the land of their island, and thereby does even constitute a remedy for Kanaka Maoli and "Native" "Hawaiians" of all races, and even for the transplants from the 49 states who claim to be "Kama-aina", (of the land) of their island, it does set-up an assumption that each such being does volunteer into some land jurisdiction, to be governed by imperfect humans in human jurisdiction, rather than that which is true for some of us who are unwilling to submit to the imperfect creations of men, even and especially those dysfunctional constructs abusively imposed upon humanity by the invading "extra-terrestrial" false "gods" who constructed a class system composed of:

    • "ali'i" (royalty) who have in fact been proxy slavemasters for the unseen false "gods"
    • commoner serfs of deprecated "rights"

    i live by the Law of the Air rather than Land or Sea. -- celeste:crystalfaery.]

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