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1st August 1970
[Moon Phase]

The Eight Phases of the Moon

(from Silver RavenWolf's To Light a Sacred Flame)
New / Crescent / 1st Quarter / Gibbous / Full / Disseminating / Last Quarter / Balsamic


Rises at dawn, sets at sunset; for full use of these energies, stick to between this time period.
Moon is exact from the new moon until 3 1/2 days after.
Workings: beauty, health, self-improvement, farms/gardens, job hunting, love/romance, networking, and creative ventures
Purpose: Beginnings
Pagan Holiday: Winter Solstice
Goddess Name: Rosemerta's Moon
Goddess Energy: Goddesses of growth
Offering: Milk and Honey
Theme: Abundance
Tarot Trump: the Fool


Rises at mid-morning, sets after sunset; best magickal effects between these times.
Moon is 3 1/2 to 7 days after new moon.
Purpose: the movement of the thing
Pagan Holiday: Imbolc
Goddess Name: Brigid's Moon
Goddess Energy: water goddesses
Offering: Candles
Theme: Manifestation
Tarot Trump: The Magician


Moon rises at noon, sets at midnight; best effects between these times
Moon is 7-10 1/2 days after new moon
Workings: courage, elemental magick, friends, luck, and motivation.
Purpose: The shape of the thing
Pagan Holiday: Spring Equinox
Goddess Name: Persephone's Moon
Goddess Energy: air goddesses
Offering: Feathers
Theme: Luck
Tarot card: Strength or the Star


Moon rises in mid-afternoon, sets around 3 am; best effects between these times
Moon is 10 1/2 -14 days after new moon
Workings: courage, patience, peace, and harmony
Purpose: details
Pagan Holiday: Beltane
Goddess Name: Nuit's Moon
Goddess Energy: star goddesses
Offering: Ribbons
Theme: Perfection


Moon rises at sunset, sets at dawn; best effects between these times
Moon is 14-17 1/2 days after the new moon
Workings: artistic endeavors, beauty, health, fitness, change, decisions, children, competition, dreams, families, knowledge, legal undertakings, love, romance, money, motivation, protection, psychic power, self-improvement.
Purpose: completion of a project
Pagan Holiday: Summer Solstice
Goddess Name: Sekhmet's Moon
Goddess Energy: fire goddesses
Offering: flowers
Theme: Power
Tarot Card: the Sun


Moon rising at mid-evening, sets at mid-morning; best effects between these times
Moon is 3 1/2-7 days after the full moon.
Workings: addictions, decisions, divorce, emotions, stress, protection
Purpose: initial destruction
Pagan Holiday: Lammas
Goddess Name: Hecate's Moon
Goddess Energy: earth goddesses
Offering: grain or rice
Theme: reassessment
Tarot Trump: The Tower for destruction


Moon rises at midnight and sets at noon; best effects between these times
Moon is 7-10 1/2 days after the full moon.
Workings: Addictions, divorce, endings, health and healing (banishing), stress, protection, and ancestors.
Purpose: Absolute destruction
Pagan Holiday: Fall Equinox
Goddess Name: The Morrigan's Moon
Goddess Energy: harvest goddesses
Offering: Incense
Theme: Banishing
Tarot Trump: Judgement


Moon rises at 3 am and sets at mid-afternoon, best effects between these times
Moon is 10 1/2-14 days after the full moon
Workings: addictions, change, divorce, enemies, justice, obstacles, quarrels, removal, separation, stopping stalkers and theft.
Purpose: Rest
Pagan Holiday: Samhain
Goddess Name: Kali's Moon
Goddess Energy: Dark goddesses
Offering: honesty
Theme: Justice
Tarot Trump: Justice

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