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1st January 1970

In the television special: The Secret KGB UFO files there was a point in an interview of a Russian who had been working with a team who had been working to reverse engineer a downed / captured IAC (Identified Alien Craft), where he indicated, (quoting as best as i remember):
"Our physicists have been unable to understand the physics of the alien technology, because all of our science and technology is based upon quantum physics, while the ET technology is all based upon parallel-realities."

All our quantum physics is limited both in understanding and exploration, by being confined to a single consenus reality, but then that is the major downfall of modern western "scientific" investigation... the underlaying belief that there is a single objective reality, that it is only physical, and that it can be measured in a laboratory with physical instruments. This is why we have no acceptable proof of paranormal phenomena, or anything which deals with alternate or subjective realities.

This is a clue for our future direction of investigation. We need to investigate higher harmonics higher densities), and we need to investigate other phases (parallel realities) of each harmonic range. Such is the realm of MetaPhysics. So far, the only available "laboratory" for performing such scientific investigation of the metaphysical, is within our own heads, and is commonly known as crown chakra and ajna chakra, corresponding to the Pituitary and Pineal glands. This is the primary reason for the endless debates between skeptics and adepts... there is no physical proof available to the skeptics, who as long as they disbelieve, will not open up their own psychic awareness to allow themselves to see what others see who have let go of the need for external authoritarian "proof", and are willing to just see what they see.

Each of us exists in interrelated parallel realities, each having many time-lines based on alternate choices. These are all part of an overall "universe" or reality. We have free-will choice which time-line to take, but there is some level of fatedness to each time-line. Judicious time-line hopping gives slightly more freedom.

"The words actuality and reality are often confused and interchanged by the general public.
Actuality - the law and order of vibrational energy.
Reality - the law and order of consciousness.
One is the phenomenon, manifestation, or law and truth of vibrations of Spirit, and Spirit energy; the other represents the degree of individual appreciation of actualities or the manifested vibration. In other words reality is the product of the individual reception and assimilation of the vibrations of Spirit. Without realization nothing would be real to you as an individual. Herein lies the fundamental point of difference - entirely in the consciousness of the recipient."

There is another "objecive reality" which some people believe-in, which is quite simply their own projection of their own personal reality onto all other humans, necessary to support other illusions. This was recently observed when one shared their projection:
"We're all just trying to survive."
My response of disagreement was:
"Preserving the life of a temporary vehicle is not worthwhile unless it is supporting the thriving of the soul."
i still feel the same the following day.

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