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1st July 1970

NutrioDine (about FRN$50 / 1 Oz. Dropper Bottle)

Instructions / How to use (per http://NutriMedical.COM:

Take 1 drop per day topically or in juice or water. Use this for basic support for adults and children.

For those with chronic fatigue, detoxifying or support of low thyroid and mitochondrial function apply the following:

In 3 to 6 Oz. water or topically for the first day, then increasing 1 drop each day for 5 days.

Give yourself 2 days off then take again for 5 days. Follow for 3 weeks. Then take 10 - 15 drops per day.

Taking after 16:00 could raise energy levels. (may interfere with sleeping that night
-- celeste:crystalfaery)

Note: this product is not suitable for long term storage, as the iodine causes deterioration of the rubber portion of the bottle's dropper top.
This is a consideration in taking advantage of "Buy 6 get 1 free" sales.
-- celeste:crystalfaery

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