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1st July 1970

Notes on Wes Penre Papers

by alexdelphi

Mankind, in general, is considered coming from the line of Seth, who also had the mix of Namlu'u blood in him.
Not only that; when the Luciferians descended in the solar system and fought off Prince Ninurta and his team, Lucifer managed to wound Ninurta and stole his blood and sampled it.
Later on, when Homo sapiens sapiens were created, Ninurta's blood was used as well.
The Bible discusses how Cain slaughtered his brother Abel.
This story has many layers to it and also indicates the end of the Namlu'u bloodline, which "God" ( didn't care for.
Hence, the Abel line, as i see it, was destroyed symbolically when created the Cain line (the Kings that had the "Divine Right to Rule"), and the Cain line took over the "Divine" role.
Metaphorically, Cain "slaughtered" Abel, whose bloodline disappeared from Gaia.
The story about how the Cain line became the Jesus line instead of the Seth line has also been "told and thoroughly researched" by Sir Laurence Gardner, [ which does not mean that he is telling us the truth -- celeste ].
IV 333
Of course, I'm sure there are a few; a very few; people here on Gaia, who basically are not from Earth but have managed to sneak in here "by mistake" when the AIF had their guard down or there was a hole in the Grid.
This happens, and some of these souls may have come here in order to help [mankind] out in this mess, but most souls on this planet belong to this particular solar system and have always belonged here.
Then we have a significant number of Namlu'u souls trapped here as well, whose souls are from Orion, and some Vulcans from Lyra, but the majority of souls that inhabit [mankind] bodies of the Abel bloodline are younger souls who were born in this solar system, unless they were transported here as criminals.
The vast majority of [mankind] are children of our own Sun, and at the time when Lucifer created his colony here in Ar-i-du, he also trapped many young, playful, but innocent souls, who were hovering around Mother Gaia to see what was going on.
The story states that the AIF even has a "soul catcher", which works almost like a vacuum cleaner but which specializes in sucking in souls who they can use to enliven the slave bodies that are created here on our planet continuously through the sexual reproduction system.
Therefore, the majority of souls have evolved here in our solar system, but got trapped by the AIF at one time or another.
People often wonder where all the souls come from when there are more and more bodies being born on the planet; this is part of the answer.
However, during the nanosecond, there were billions of souls hovering around Earth to participate in that speed-up process, in order to evolve more quickly.
Another thing I've found out is that the Grid, as we know it through my papers, was not set up until after the Deluge, about 13,000 years ago.
The same is true for the recycling trap, including the "tunnel of light" and the "Between Lives Area." Before that, souls who had been attached to a manipulated [mankind] body often came back due to implants and pictures that stuck in the mind of the soul, even without the Afterlife Implant Stations.
However, there were also many souls who decided to leave after a lifetime here on Earth and were permitted to do so.
Lucifer had no problems with finding souls.
After the Flood, had to make a "closed system" out of Ar-i-du, and Earth in particular, in order to protect himself more carefully because of increased tension between himself and his Minions, versus the Orion Empire on the other end.
This is when he created the Grid and changed our frequency; Earth became denser.
In addition, the Saturn stargate became more heavily monitored, and it was next to impossible to find Earth to begin with due to its weird frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum and because the stargates were closed to outsiders; even the one in the Sun; Earth became considered a "locked-in system".
IV 336-337
Remember that the Queen of the Stars is a personification, a soul fragment, or an incarnation, of Mother Goddess, just as Mother Gaia is another one.
With time, the Goddess wanted to participate in more intimate ways, so she "inserted" herself in different places in this universe and others.
One of these "insertions" is her life as the Queen of the Stars; the Orion Queen.
IV 338 - 339
And we have learnt, En.Ki was called Ea in Akkadian (East Semitic); that is to say in the Babylonian tradition.
Scholars have determined that Ea was vocalized as "Eya".
So, when Moses stood before the burning bush and asked the name of the god of the mountain, did he really reply "I am who i am" (Hebrew Eyah asher eyah)? This puzzling phrase has long perplexed theologians but now there is a simple explanation.
The voice of God simply replied "Eyah asher Eyah"; "I am (the one) who is called Eyah" the name of Ea in its West Semitic (i.e. Hebrew) form.
Scholars have simply failed to recognize this is another of those characteristic puns in which the Old Testament abounds, "I am (asher) Ea (Eyah)" is a classic biblical play on words.
It also explains God's apparently nonsensical instruction: "This is what you are to say to the Israelites" "I am has sent me to you." "Eyah" or simply "Ya" is the hypocoristic form of the name Yahweh found as an element of so many Old Testament names.
So En.Ki/Ea, the god who created Man and then later warned Zuisudra/Utnapištim of the impending destruction of mankind, is one and the same as the god of Moses.
IV 342
It wasn't until well after Christ's time that the OT was translated/revised from its Greek version (not from the original cuneiform) into a Hebrew language version (Masoretic Text 700-1000 AD).
Thousands of material differences exist between the two versions.
It was in this later Hebrew language version that the term/personage "Yahweh" finally shows up (for the first time).
IV 345

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As i continue to research the Namlu'u, more tidbits of history emerge, and connecting the dots together, we see through more of the deceptions, leading to better comprehension of the original seeding of DNA before "the fall" was created.

Faery blessings -- celeste

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