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1st July 1970

Basis of Misogyny: The Orion Group directly promotes the basis of collective misogyny, hatred and sexual objectification on the planet, of which many women may feel on this earth is the debasing all of their potential to hold the true balanced female Christos-Sophia aspect. (see Religious Violence) Also, Males must learn to worship their own inner Christos-Sophia as a unified part of God, and this is challenging for many males to accomplish on the earth with the Archontic Deception Behavior strategies which use Mind Control that radically impacts both genders in Sexual Misery. To destroy the potential of running the magnetic sound frequency of So|phi|A, we have had dramas which are being used as a set up to replay the holocaust of the Christ Templar timelines. These timelines were important events to destroy Christos-Sophia and turn her Negative Form into the Baphomet, the dark Satanic mother buried in the bowels of earth. This has created Anubian Black Heart and many Satanic networks in the planetary body. -- Lisa Renee

"Man is to take, woman is to give.
The only reason that woman was put on Ea.Rth. is to serve, and to make replacements" -- The Draco "Father" of Simon Parkes.

[ It is this Draconian (warrior's) system of "values" which is completely limited to the perspective of the root chakra, which is the level of consciousness of those who control this planet, and drive it's values, culture, and survival. This is the malignant disease from which we must heal! Our false "gods" are dysfunctionally limited to a mere fraction of the levels of consciousness of which we are capable. -- celeste ]

It is the Divine Feminine that is the caretaker of the House and the Body.
It is the Divine Masculine that is the caretaker of the Forest and the Field.
-- Anna Von Reitz

Faery blessings -- celeste

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