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1st January 1970

We find a correlation between the message from the Hathors, and the message from Wes Penre, that the existing paradigm of the Medical Industry is not going to keep people healthy through the changes our planet and species is now enjoying.

"IV. The Collapse of the Medical Industry

What I’m trying to explain here is that over the next few years, the readers may notice that certain organizations - both private organizations and governmental organizations - will come out with revelations that can be jaw-dropping at times. This means both 'positive' and 'negative' information, depending on how we look at it, but these revelations will affect a large majority of the population in one way or another. New policies will be written that will infuriate people in general, and many will feel more hopeless than before. Such policies will be affecting the medical field in particular. The medical field is collapsing from within - i am working in the medical field, and i can clearly see it coming. Insurance policies are getting more and more complicated, and no one knows anymore what is up or down. People are told one thing by one provider and another thing by someone else. Many people will become increasingly sicker.

i know this can be tough for many, but i highly suggest that we all do the absolute best we can to leave the medical system totally and find healing amongst alternative sources. I’m sure that all kinds of people are reading these papers—some of you may be quite sick and are therefore dependent upon the medical system. Believe me—I can totally see how difficult and frightening this may be, learning that the rug will be pulled from underneath. However, i am just telling it as it is because we all need to be forewarned. The medicine we have had access to for decades will either no longer be provided because of new rules from insurance companies and the medical industry in general or the rules to get the medications will be stricter.

Here in America, with Obama Care, there are not enough providers for an increase of patients in a sicker population, and people in need of care will have to wait until it’s sometimes too late.

With this in mind—and it is very real and will be worse—we all need to rethink. You who read this paper and are psychic, intuitive, and feel an urge to help others would be able to create an ever-expanding business in the alternative field of healing. It is eminent and imperative that as many people as possible who can, should open up practices to offer alternative help. When the medical field really crashes, there are still those people that the ill can go to and actually get well! Few people know how much the medications contribute to their poor health! If they eventually could go off all of these medications and seek professional help in the alternative field, many lives could be saved.

Have faith and hang in there. The alternative field will expand out of pure necessity. These practitioners may have a hard time to begin with, having all the government restrictions and rules to deal with and authorities who try to shut them down, but soon enough, these attempts will stop because people will demand that these practices continue. Kudos to those who already are in this alternative field and are doing excellent work every day, many times saving the lives of those whom the medical industry had no idea how to deal with!"

-- Wes Penre

During my apprenticeship from 1985 through 1991 to my teacher of clairvoyant psychic healing, i was trained also to teach professional clairvoyants, but specifically her specialty, which she had previously taught at Berkeley Psychic Institute before she started her own independent school, was "Clairvoyant Nutrition Reading", looking at the functioning of the various bodily organs in all densities, i.e. a specialty within the general realm of the "Medical Intuitive". By avoiding the medical industry I've managed to stay quite healthy :-)
For the scientists who contemplate whether one's reality (illusorily) based backwards is dependent more on nature (DNA) or nurture (parenting), i sadly report that my 4-years younger sister died years ago, and she worked as a medical doctor. Those of us who have transcended the physical / physician realm to work with meta-physics, know that the energetic realms can completely override the original natal-templates of the body, and heal all the abuses of dysfunctional parents, thus leaving us as present time creators of our reality rather than as victims of our history. That is, however, one of the core choices each individual makes, either consciously, or subconsciously. The bottom-line remains that our beleifs and our beliefs create our reality, and it is up to us to bother to pay attention that our manifest life experience is a delayed mirror of our "pictures of reality", and it is our choice and responsiblity to sort through those discarding the negative ones, keeping the positive ones, and ever being open to new ideas from which to create new ones, or, better yet, staying in the flow of the moment in heart's guidance.

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