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1st June 1970

[Lust] i am lust incarnate.

The root chakra carries the body reality, the body agenda, which is quite simply, survival:

  1. That the species survives by reproduction.
  2. That this body survives.

Hopefully it is obvious why priority #1 over #2 is as it is? Only immortality (of bodies) could flip them.

The chakras above the root chakra are all driven by spirit, and each chakra corresponds with an endocrine gland. The endocrine glands all generate and are affected by hormones. Emotions are driven by hormones, and generate hormones. It is well known and established that the lowest chakra with an "issue" dominates the consciousness focus, and therefore we must be cognizant that ultimately our incarnate reality is dominated by bodily survival, and that ultimately comes down to reproduction, which requires both:

  1. triggering us via lust to create pregnancy, and then
  2. to spend 21 years nurturing the progeny to adulthood.
  3. or variations deviating from "normal" may manifest.

Lust+Fetishes may express deep-seated hungers.
Beyond survival and hungers there is love.

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