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1st January 1970
[Alice Down the Rabbit Hole]

"Looking Glass" is a man made technology derived from Yellow Book or Orion Cube. This technology gives the user a direct view into different probabilities of future events or different time-lines.

The "Looking Glass" technology has been used by "secret government" for decades to see what was going to happen in our future. The Looking Glass device functions by interfacing with consciousness of the individuals observing / using the device while displaying multiple "probable" future outcomes of whatever the observing participants are focusing their conscious intent upon. The display of visual events are shown within a misty haze of argon gas changing from one probability to another, back and forth at a very rapid rate. A computer is interfaced with the looking glass to record image displays so that a continuous flow of imagery can be edited together later much like a movie.

Multiple black ops whisteblowers testimonies reveal that the "Looking Glass" technology has been used by "secret government elite" for many years to change and manipulate events so that it follows their "desired paths" and reaches their desired outcomes. The visitation and collaboration by future human extra-terrestrials that arrived in 1947 has revealed that a great cataclysm occured to the population of Gaia in 2012 due to the use of looking glass and stargate technology. For this reason all of these devices worldwide have been disassembled and decomissioned under secret coordinated efforts. It is believed that the galactic energetic allignment that will occur in 2012 [December] was amplified by these looking glass and stargate devices which led to the virtual destruction of most of the life on Gaia[, on some time-lines].

References i previously linked to for more information about this subject, have been, (as is typical of exposure of "military government" wrongdoing), "suppressed":

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