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1st June 1970

Linux(TM) Desktops have had their ups and downs, and the latest situation is fairly well presented by Dedoimedo:

i prefer KDE to Gnome. Gnome is simpler, and by default tends to welcome by familiarity expatriats of winDblOwS.
KDE is much more customizable to user preference.
While you can install multiple desktops on any Linux™ system, if you wish to start with a KDE desktop on a very popular "distribution" the currently recommended starting place is this.
To install it you will download an installer and burn it to either an optical disk or a USB Flash Drive, for which purposes, a recommended tool is this.
As for which distribution i prefer, that would be DebIan or a DebIan Pure Blend.

"KDE Connect" is excellent for tethering my "Android" "smart"-phone in {Wifi,USB}-Tethering mode, and especially for sharing clipboard between phone and laptop.

The Calibre Librarian can be coveniently synced with Android phones, and umpteen other devices.


I'm using FireFox™ on Linux™ / Android™, i.e. my Laptop and "smart"-phone, and playing with the matter of how to archive a web-page. On Android my options (so far) are:

Many times i find i just want the text body, but for preserving the whole graphical layout and images, I'm accumulating .MHT files, which can be re-opened by use of instructions found here.

Faery blessings -- celeste

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