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1st May 1970
[Isis + Ankh]

Isis according to Gaia as channelled by Leeda Safa

GAIA: There is much you do not retain in your current state of conscious awareness, however this will change in time as the flow of this information comes into your awareness and reactivates these dormant codes. Isis, my dear child, was at one time the female representation of prime creator and during her time upon the planet those who feared the divine feminine power tried their best to suppress this flow of energy as it was understood that if the flow of feminine energy was blocked then they could in essence capture this energy for themselves and use it to grow their own power, that which is one rooted in darkness and one rooted in power control and dominion.

The essence of the female energy upon this planet is the one and only form of energy that has the ability to transmute and / or override the current state of affairs upon the planet. The manipulation and hijacking of this planet and those upon her has lead to a vast operation underway whereby those you would term archons or those who are in essence the masters or controllers of the archonic network are fast at work trying in every way that they can to suppress, block and retract for their own use this power of the divine feminine.

This topic runs deep with many millions of years of history and many levels and layers as to how and why and where this all happens, but at the core of this matter is the fact that the overall complete liberation of this planet and those upon it can not and will not occur unless this archonic technology has been dismantled or cleared from this reality.

There are those in the know who understand what is happening and they are hard at work trying to figure out ways by which teams of lightworkers on and off planet can join forces to help in the dismantling of this technology... however it is a daunting task and one that is quite misunderstood by the majority of those you term lightworkers or starseeds or the like.

It is this technology and the vast network of beings who serve to protect it and support it that has held this universe in a state of hostage. We can not allow for this planet to ascend with the presence of this technology as this technology can and does pose a universal threat if left undealt with.

There are those by which we would term the "resistance movement" who exist within and upon your planet and this task force so to speak has been assigned the duty of dismantling this technology.

There is much intel within these groups and the information is quite sensitive therefore we wish only to mention that they exist and are working tirelessly on this assignment as it is well understood within these groups the degree by which this topic is of key importance in the grand picture and the overall liberation and ascension of this planet.

Isis: further information.

Andrea_Foulkes+Andrew_Bartzis-part1 briefly address the ancient cult of Isis, and how it was subsequently taken-over by other energies, so that our current knowing of the actual Isis is untrue, yet many may buy-into-it for it is present reality.

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