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1st January 1970
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" You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe." -- John Adams, Second President of the United States

Those who do not voluntarily relinquish by contract their unalienable rights, retain them. i stand upon the land of Kilauea, Kaua'i as a natural sovereign peaceful woman, in the jursdiction of the air.

The most egregious reduction of rights for a human is to be reduced to surety for a corpseorate fiction PERSON, and to be forced into that status is the most egregious crime short of murder, for it is tantamount to murder of the soul. To be forced to operate as merely an agent for a zombie PERSON is the crime of PERSONAGE, and is illegal everywhere on this planet, as is involuntary servitude of any form. i have been stating my non PERSON status and my unwillingness to be in slave status for the entirety of this millenium. Though i have been patiently forgiving of the tresspasses of the humans in servitude to the Beast of Mammon, it has now come to a time of standing for truth and rights, wherein no compromise is possible, for there is either freedom as a private being, or there is involuntary servitude as a mere agent for a corpseorate fiction PERSON, and there is no intermediate ground.

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by Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday i had the odd pleasure and distinction of finally knowing what the all capital names convention used in court cases is all about, what it is, how it works, how it is misused by unscrupulous courts and lawyers--- all of it finally came out of the closet.
We now know that what appear to be names simply written in all capital letters like this: DAVID MICHAEL DOE are actually not names, but signs written in a debased form of Ancient Latin called “DOG-LATIN”, or “GLOSSA” or “American Sign Language”.
We know that these signs which appear to be names are actually ACCOUNTS belonging to the Vatican. These ACCOUNTS are held as split titles to incorporated entities, with the Holy See holding equitable title in behalf of the Devil and the legal title left hanging in the wind, available for anyone to claim.
So when you see this “thing” that appears to be your name on a letter addressed to your mailing address you naturally assume that it is yours, when in fact, it should be addressed to the miscreant Holy See. After all, they are getting the benefit of the ACCOUNT and expecting you to do all the work related to it, including coming up with the funds to pay the bill for their ACCOUNT. They should be the ones sitting in the docket with their checkbooks ready.
This then, and your ignorant willingness to be identified as the party responsible for this “THING”, is at the heart of what is going on in these fake courts. It’s all deliberate fraud, designed to give an “appearance of justice” while “practicing” but not actually executing either law or justice.
All these attorneys are functioning as the Pontiff’s bill collectors and ACCOUNT managers, just like the IRS is functioning as his modern day Inquisition, still collecting “Peter’s Pence” and your “Confession” every April 15th.
How does it feel to be managed by crooks and to have the Roman Catholic Church fronting for all this?
Don’t tell me that the Popes, both Benedict XVI and Francis, don’t know the ins and outs of this scheme. They would have to know. It’s been going on since 1250 A.D. They’ve been on Notice and Demand for eight years to correct operations directly related to this central fraud----these Vatican ACCOUNTS.
So far as i can see, Benedict acted in good faith to correct the situation, but the most constructive action Francis has taken to stop this criminality, his First Apostolic Letter, has merely been a defensive action to cover their own butts.
Now the whole crap wad has been discovered and the closet door has burst open and it is all rolling like a brown wave down the Palatine Hills…. It’s the Roman Cult embedded like a tumor in the Church that has caused all this misery and graft and oppression of humanity, plus Loyola’s perverse dream of creating God’s Kingdom on Earth by force of arms. Apparently, Loyola never observed the fact that God gave each of us freewill for a reason.
Oh, i am tired, folks, and world-weary. I’ve grown old contesting with this Beast, shadow-boxing it, tracking it, negotiating with it, hearing its vain confessions. It’s time for everyone to wake up, especially the Archbishops and the Jesuits.
The actual beneficiaries of the Vatican ACCOUNTS are here and seeking settlement.
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Author:   Paul Stramer
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The First Sin -- Update on State Non-Assumpsit Actions
By Anna Von Reitz
Posted: 15 May 2017 04:28 PM PDT

Most people don't read the Bible. They need to, if they want to know what is going on in the world. It is indeed a strange concept that we need to read a book that is derived from ancient history to keep current with today, but as with much else concerning this particular book-- it's true.

Those who read the Bible know that Adam was tasked to be a caretaker of the Earth and granted dominion over the Earth, and he was also tasked to name the animals and trees and other things that he interacted with on Earth.

However, he was never given the task of naming himself or other men.

That task is reserved to our Father. Much later in the Bible, in fact, we are promised that He will give us our true names.

As a result, whatever names we are given are not true names and are not part of Adam's job to give. The practice of applying names to men is the First Sin.

We may well ask, how are we supposed to talk about anything pertaining to men or make reference to anyone without giving them a name?

For many generations we have used descriptions that appear to be names to a greater or lesser extent, and so names typically have additional meanings which create descriptions that are included on a sub rosa basis.

Names like "Anne of Green Gables" and "Geoffry of Malmsbury" are apparent descriptions, but a name like "Anna" which means "Mother" and "Grace" also holds descriptive meaning. This is all because we are not supposed to name each other, but, in practice, we do.

And that is the First Sin.

That it is a sin becomes very clear when you examine the process that has led to our current distress. When we create "persons" and name them, men become identified as "things" and as things they lose their sanctity and dominion, and take on the inert and alien characteristics of say, rocks.

A man is a man, but a person is a thing-- and all the profound differences that exist between men and things apply. It is a crime to murder a man, but there is no law against murdering a thing.

When you deliberately apply the names of living men to PERSONS as a means of deceiving them and harming them without being held accountable, a crime of "personage" occurs.

Personage is the act of reducing a man to a thing via a manipulation of his given name or by changing the agreed upon usage of his name to facilitate such a change.

For example, personage occurs when the function of your Trade Name in the form "John Mark Doe" (which you use for international trade) is arbitrarily redefined as the name of a Foreign Situs Trust operating in international commerce.

This is the kind of personage the FDR committed against our grandparents. It arbitrarily removed their names from the jurisdiction of the land and exposed them to piracy and the loss of their material rights and interests including their constitutional guarantees-- all without telling them.

This change was made by the Territorial United States and could actually only apply to their Citizens, however, since nobody in the actual United States was fully informed, a process of "assumpsit" kicked in. People just continued to use their own familiar Trade Name as they always had, and in the process they became misidentified government employees operating Foreign Situs Trusts belonging to the United States of America, Inc.

Another form of personage occurs when the style of a name is changed to conform with such a change in function.

Having redefined the use and meaning of our Trade Names on the land to serve as the names of Foreign Situs Trusts on the sea, the perpetrators next created so-called Municipal franchises and messed with our names again to create Cestui Que Vie Trusts named after us: JOHN MARK DOE.

Most recently, the Municipal United States has floated a whole new scam and arbitrarily defined names in the form "JOHN M. DOE" to be the names of US Public Transmitting Utilities.

Well, that may be what Mr. Obama thinks they are.

I say it's just more fraud and more personage by our public servants deliberately being used to defraud and foist off foreign debt on us via a process of unwitting assumption.

The State of State organizations in Alaska, Maine, Washington, Michigan, Illinois, Texas, and Utah have received Notice of Non-Assumpsit published in the local newspapers.

These six actual States and their people have told Washington, DC and the world at large that there is a fraud scheme in play and we don't agree with it and we don't assume any debts related to all the names in the form "JOHN M. DOE".

What about the rest of you people and states?

Are you all going to stand around like dumb posts and let the Territorial United States claim that you are one of their "Citizens" and subject to their "law" as if you were born in Puerto Rico? Are you going to assume their debts, knowing that they are already bankrupt?

Get those Notices of Non-Assumpsit published so the Territorial United States can't come back and say, "Hey, these people and their states assumed this debt, so it's theirs to pay."

This is your time to object and put it on the record.

Now, it is possible that what has been done by these states that have published their objections already could be brokered into a claim that all our states are owed equal footing-- but do you really want to leave your state on the list of states that they can say "acquiesced" by being silent? --- With a $20 trillion debt in the air and looking for a place to land?

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