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1st January 1970

In the Native American tradition the HummingBird represents Heart's Joy, the number 44. Hummer spreads joy wherever it goes. It will die trying to bring joy where needed. True heart's joy can only come from our union with our divine self: divine union. Heart's joy can only be realized in sovereignty. The number 44 is the life path number of celeste:crystalfaery.

On 1995-06-08 i flew from Colorado to Hawai'i, thereby leaving behind the land of hummingbirds. Fairly quickly i was adopted by dolphins, who thereby became my 'aumakua', my protector spirits. In the Native American Medicine Cards, Dolphin-Mana is number 40, and is about 'breath'. In Native Hawaiian tradition, breath, "ha" is spirit, as it is in many traditions, thus inspiration (to inhale = to be filled with spirit), and also this is the root of the perjorative naming of the "white people" by the "kanaka maoli", as "ha-a'ole" those who are "without the breath of life, without spirit, soulless, (ego-based)".
[no, I'm not going to regurgitate the mythology nor his-story of that mis-directed drama.]
The mana / prana / chi / life-force energy of spirit is key to a spiritual life.
When i would swim in the ocean far from shore at Waikiki in my early Hawaiian days, a passing sailboat captain shouted out and asked:
"What! You fall off a boat?"
i replied:
"No! i swam out here!"
as i habitually swam out for 45 minutes, then turned around and swim back in to shore.
The exchange continued:
"Aren't you afraid of sharks?"
"No, i swim with Dolphin spirits!"
i have written elsewhere in my blog about we Crystal Faeries working with the Dolphins and Whales.
These days, knowing i am one of the Crystal Faeries, i tend to think of Hummers and Faeries as very related. With no Hummers in our realm, and spending most of my time on land rather than in the Kai (ocean), i think more of all Fae as my family, beyond my smaller ohana (family) of Crystal Faeries, and so, transcending the Medicine Cards, my strongest aumukua these days are Faeries, the hummers of the higher realms.

[Fairy in Flower with HummingBird]

celeste's Medicine Totems

East - guides to greatest spiritual challenges and guards your path to illumination
44 Hummingbird - Heart's Joy / Love / Spirit / Beauty - spreads joy or is destroyed trying, conjures love, opens heart, solves the riddle of contradiction of duality
South - protects the child within and reminds you when to be humble and what to trust, to balance innocence in your personality
36 Lizard - Dreaming / Shadow Side - review things in dreams before manifesting them
West - leads you to your private truth and inner answers, shows the path to your goals
11 Moose - Self Esteem / Teacher
North - wise counsel, when to speak or listen, be grateful for every blessing every day
34 Grouse - Sacred Spiral / Private Vision & Power - Movement, grounding and energy flow usage
Above - Star Nation connection, guardian of DreamTime
29 Badger - Agressiveness / Do - medicine women's medicine roots, agressive healer
Below - inner Earth, staying grounded
30 Rabbit - Fear
Within - find heart's joy and be faithful to private truths, protector of sacred space
16 Raven - Magic / Void / Great Mystery
Right - Male side, courage, warrior spirit
23 Opossum - Diversion
Left - Female side, receive abundance as well as nurturing self and others, teaches relationships and mothering
1 Eagle - Spirit

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