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1st April 1970


The Hathors starbeings we refer to are the higher density Venusian race, and are not to be confused with the bovine fertility cults of (Egyptian) history which focussed upon a specific individual goddess named "Hathor", though there are connections between them.
The goddess "Hathor" was synonymous with Isis.
"The Hathors" is a synonym for "The Pleiades" (Pleyades), "The 7 Sisters", a constellation of stars whose time and location of appearance in the sky is utilized to denote changes of season in the annual cycle of the "year" of Gaia.

Hopefully that fully clarifies just how very un-clear is our "knowing" of the (false) history of our planet, our species, and the (invading) entities who gave us both our reality and our (false) stories.


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