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1st March 1970
[beleive in your dreams]

With the innocence of a child, our subconscious, the creator of our reality, listens to everything we feel and to each of these it replies: "Yes... i Am That".

Whatever you intend you create.
Whatever you focus on you empower.
Learn to focus wisely. Learn to discern what is appropriate to take in.

The truth is that whatever you beleive is the genesis of your own reality, and is your contribution to the cocreated shared reality of the collective.

Do you choose what to beleive from?:

Others (horizontally) (External Authority)
Meditation (internally) (Internal Authority)
Spirit/Guides/Higher-Self (vertically) (Divine Authority)

Regardless the source of a concept entering your consciousness, check it vertically with source and internally with heart / soul, asking the question, "is this truth for me?" Trust that answer.

The outcome? Certainty.

[the Grace of the Grail]

Beleif creates reality. Experience of reality creates beleif. Beleif creates reality. Things don't change much until you change your beleifs. Replace old with new, worse with better, disempowering with empowering beleifs. We have free will. Beleif creates.... i beleive we all have the power to change our beleifs, and that our beleifs create our reality, and when we come together then our shared beleifs will cocreate our shared reality with positive synergy. Beleive in miracles, love, growth, healing, ease, grace, abundance, joy, pleasure, freedom for all, and you help to manifest that reality into the physical world. Our thoughts, beleifs, beliefs, ideas, emotions, feelings, attitudes, expectations, fears, all create our reality.

Just Choose to Beleive In the World in Which You Would Prefer to Live. Do Unto Yourself that which you would have others do unto you. Don't Worry, Be Happy. Love Yourself More. Party Down. Live it Up. Be 100% self responsible in order to create 100% Freedom of self expression. Do anything you please, yet remain harmless to others (ahimsa)... never lie to, manipulate, or control others... it always harms them, and harming others always creates negative karma.

It's very good to be skeptical... lest you manifest things you don't prefer.

When you're less skeptical and more certain that something is safe and valuable, it will manifest easier / quicker.

When you choose and intend it, it will happen.

Noone has any power you don't also have, if only you'll claim rather than deny it.

You decide when to have easy success and when to have frustration and struggle.

If your manifest reality does not match your conscious choice, this is a sign that your subconscious is not in harmony with your conscious, and that you need to become more self aware, and more current in your choices.

You choose to be the active creator of, or the passive receiver of, life / change / growth / experience.

Go for your dream, your passion, Be who you Are, All of your authentic self, fully, powerfully, no matter if fit...

And so i came to understand that all the psychic phenomena exist and work, for those willing to beleive in them.

And those who beleive such things are miraculous and divine, find miraculous healing and enlightenment and the love of source.

Beleif creates. Focus upon the image of "reality" you prefer to see become manifest. Fill the image with light. Light from Source. Light from your Heart. Light of aloha. Let it go to drift away like a helium baloon, with a little string that attaches down to the center of Gaia, but is stretchable enough for the balloon to drift anywhere cosmic energies take it, looking for things in harmony with your creation to reinforce each others' manifestation.

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