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1st March 1970

Fae Play

"Fae Play" is an ORMES / ORMUS "Essence" created by the crystal faeries, channelled by tomril via celeste:crystalfaery.

In some recent (before Sun, 15 Sep 2013 07:12:02 -1000) discussions the subject of ORMES / ORMUS has re-surfaced, in that, i mentioned that in my envisioning of the essence 'Fae Play', which i shall be creating after the Eclipse / Equinox weekend fast approaching, i will be including ORMES / ORMUS in the formula. These elements are all around us, and are often the hidden 'magick' inside things like herbs and herbal extracts, i.e. that those plants have done a good job of concentrating ORMES / ORMUS. Fundamentally, the raw material is not hard to find, we're exposed to it all the time. True Alchemy is performed by the Alchemist via their own individual subtle energy field, and therein is the raising of the plain old daily raw material ORMES / ORMUS to a 'high spin state' whereupon it then becomes activating / triggering of the subtle energy field of the consumer / imbiber of the (now) energized (high spin state) ORMES / ORMUS. Every belief and intent of the Alchemist is transferred along with the general 'activation' intent of the Alchemist into the resultant 'product'. Thus, it is certainly possible to purchase high spin state ORMES / ORMUS from a variety of Alchemists, but one has to use discernment as to their 'purity'. In the general field of this subject a notable name is Barry Carter, and one less popular but by my private discernment one of the cleanest, is Danae Harding, who has a minor presence via her website Ancient Transformational Technologies. She does use some technologies such as Tesla Coils in the activation of some of her products. Ultimately, we are all Alchemists with our intent and our own subtle energy field, so in response to the question... "what have i / do i 'do' with respect to ORMES / ORMUS?", i have in the past purchased ORMES / ORMUS products from other alchemists, and still have, and occasionally imbibe such as raw material, but i have progressed to accepting that ultimately it is available in my food supply of organics, and that the true and necessary and appropriate 'high spin state activation' can / should / is performed inside my own body by my own energies. As always i remember one of my teacher's principles that we do not ever need any 'tool', that all comes from intent and focus. Intent is as always some combination of our thoughts, feelings, will, and always the ever complex mix of subconscious (back side of chakras), conscious (front of chakras), and our superconscious (higher-self). So, as always, knowing that what we manifest / experience and especially how we receive and perceive all of that, is ultimately our own choice. We must actually feel our feelings, and notice their patterns and reprogram our own subconscious (or better yet deprogram it entirely) as a necessary process to achieving any kind of mastery, (including the process of jumping time-lines), and certainly in achieving mastery as an Alchemist.

While there are both positive and negative "arguments" / "reasons" some associate with the use of ORMES / ORMUS, it is nevertheless true that many of our "positive associations" with most "herbs" is really that those herbs carry within them a high OMRES / ORMUS content, so we are in many ways in our lives playing with them, and really the issue is not so much the raw material thereof, but whether or not they are in a "high spin state", which is where the alchemist imparts alchemy upon the raw material. i have recently reconnected with some resources about this, which i now share as referrals:

Other than Joe Lello, names you may encounter are David Hudson, and Barry Carter, each of which i recommend. i continue much in the tradition of my training, that we can do anything with energy and intent, thus i tend to live "as the alchemist", rather than developing a dependence upon external beings / people / alchemists or material / ORMES / ORMUS, yet i also continue to intake the raw material in the form of high ORMES / ORMUS content salts, which i then raise to high spin states via meditation / intent. Please to remember that intent is everything, so even should you find / take external physical material high in ORMES / ORMUS content, it is imperative to apply your own intent / will thereunto to override any intent of the creative alchemist who produced it, i.e. "took it to alleged high spin state". But then, we can do this with all our intake of food / water. There are also much information about extracting ORMES / ORMUS from water with magnetic precipitators, and concepts like applying strong magnets to the base of your blender to provide vortex activation of the ORMES / ORMUS in any of your food. Incidentally, some of the strongest magnets available are those used inside disk drives, so, should you be "lucky enough" to have a computer disk drive "die" on you, celebrate as you disassemble it and remove the magnets therefrom to then apply to your blender :-)

One of the principles we are dealing with as we transition into ascension, is that the "traditional" electromagnetics we live with in 3D "will not work" in ascended reality, whereas magnetics, and magnetoelectrics will work. Scalar waves are transdimensional and will remain part of reality. i remain guided by my metaphysical training that our intent / will and higher dimensional energetics / will (higher self) override all technological fru-fru here.

Faery Blessings my dear friends :-) Surely, magickal faery dust must be made of ORMUS / ORMES :-)

i was just noticing the latest brochure from describes the benefits of ORMUS:

i would say these are also all energetic realities i access with my 'Fae Play' essence, because they were all encoded into 'Fae Play'. Again a reminder that ORMES / ORMUS are the vehicles of holding energetic frequencies, but it is the energies charging these vehicles to 'high spin state' which are what's important, and that is the alchemy which is performed either by the alchemist purely, or perhaps with the assistance of some technologies which are mere neutral amplifiers.

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The knowledge of techniques of production of Mana was lost to the public for a couple millenia. As predicted by Nostradamus, it was rediscovered in our time by David Hudson:
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I've taken their Platinum Elixir, which for me is energizing.
Here are some sources of "ORMUS" products. i haven't tried any of their products. They at least have appropriate payment policies. Note that, per David Hudson, true ORMUS has to be taken into a powder form first, and then must be charged to a high-spin state, therefore products offered in a liquid form are unlikely to contain much high-spin ORMUS. Presented in Alphabetical Order:
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David Wolfe at the 2nd Intl. ORMUS/ORMEs Conference, May 2011 at Enota
White Powder of Gold by David Hudson

So, bringing the circle back to starting point... when one is creating an energetic 'substance', a carrier of subtle energies, such as an 'essence', be it in any carrier form (water, oil, essential oil, or alcohol extract), there is the raw material from nature, which includes the DNA energy pattern of the specific plant, but also the energy field of exactly where that plant grew, what minerals were in the soil, and what energy vibrations in the air (cellular telephone signals) are all part of the 'raw material' we start with, and those combined energies can be both beneficial and detrimental, and they will include the process of harvesting and processing the plants, what was the energizing patterns of any technical energizers such as tesla coils or crystals, and most of all, the purity of the Alchemist during their times of interacting with that material, their own intent and belief. As i mentioned, i am still very much an open vessel to be the instrument of manifestation for the 8D Angelic crystal faeries who are my family and who are instrumental in the 8D Ascension Portals, so my ultimate intent is that the 'Fae Play' essence shall be carrying the same energetics as the 8D ascension portals themselves, and any other energetics the crystal faeries feel is appropriate to the specific purpose of the particular essence, in this case, our own vibrations, and very specifically, the vibrations of Faery Play, as Fae are well noted for being light and playful. So, no, i have no clue yet what 'ingredients' physically will go into 'Fae Play', as I'm still experiencing a vortex of energy which is the beginning of the cocreation of the combined energy fields to serve the purpose here, and it has not yet delivered to me any physical ingredients list.

'a friend', who is already becoming quite a master of working with 8D portals, and is very in tune with the crystal faeries, has already forseen visually some of the colors of energy which will be in 'Fae Play', which were no surprise to me, as they are those i have traditionally taught in meditation with the heart chakra: the Gold+Silver of Source / Higher-Self, the Green of Growth, the Pink of Self Love / Self Affinity which makes total sense as true soulful play has to be sourced from our essence, and that is the point of 'Fae Play', to energetically encourage the authentic self to come out and play lightly in the now.

Fae Play has (so far) been my only external alchemy. I've been intending alchemy inside my own body, since so much of alchemy is the intent and energy (frequency) of the alchemist, i just intend that i will gather the raw material (ORMUS) from foods, and then spin it up to high spin state (energize it) inside my own energy field to support ascension.

Fae Play makes a wonderful aura-spray to shift your energies, a breath-spray, and an underarm-spray, as the colloidal silver stops negative bacteria which create bad smells, and the plethora of essential oils give a wonderful spring-day-in-the-forest scent. Colloidal Silver is a powerful, natural selective antibiotic and preventative against infections. It acts as a catalyst which disables the enzyme that one-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi need for their oxygen metabolism. They suffocate without corresponding harm occurring to [mankind] enzymes or parts of the [mankind] body chemistry. The result is the destruction of disease-causing organisms in or on the body.

Here are the articles chronicling the creation and formula of Fae Play:

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