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1st March 1970
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Short of moving to a cleaner environment, we may wish to consider EDTA chelation. Robert is very knowledgable and will e-mail lots of info if you ask. This is an update on a not included base of lots of info. EDTA is the only thing clinically proven to actually reduce atherosclerosis, but it does also chelate minerals and Vit. B, so it's important to take those supplements after it... my regimen is 1/4 tsp EDTA retiring, sublingual liquid vitamins B (broad spectrum) upon rising, and goodly amounts of Himalayan salt, thus chelating while sleeping and nutrition awake. Neither Robert nor i are licensed to give medical advice (we ain't Doctors). However, we may actually know a lot more about EDTA than most Doctors, who don't receive training in chelation with EDTA. Back when i was a kid in high school my father self administered EDTA to undo lead poisoning, from the smog of Los Angeles, back before they finally stopped adding lead to gasoline.

Your Source For 100% EDTA Oral Chelation:

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EDTA Oral Chelation is an aid in combating heavy metal toxicity, heart attack and stroke, osteoporosis, alzheimers, autism, deep vein thrombosis and the blood clotting cascade as described in the article excerpts below, revealing information as to why we are being plagued with persistent health problems.

In light of this data, and the fact of EDTA being a potent chelator of heavy metals, you might think of EDTA as being inexpensive, preventive health insurance - to protect oneself from acute heart attack and stroke, caused by hypercoagulation, (thickening), of one's blood supply from Chemtrail inhalation of nano particle sized Aluminum and Barium.

Excerpt from

Chemtrail particles and polymers saturating the air we breathe are smaller than 10 microns (PM 10) and are invisible to the [mankind] eye. By comparison, a [mankind] hair is 60 to 100 microns in thickness. Scientists and the EPA report that because PM10 and sub-micron pollution particles bypass lung filters and enter the blood stream, they cause radical changes in the endocrine and nervous systems. 38 They can trigger high blood pressure and cause heart attack within two hours of inhalation. 39 They cause the blood to become sticky, making it tougher for the heart to pump and increasing the risk of blood clots and vessel damage. 40 Now researchers in Taiwan document "a significant increase" in the number of stroke victims when PM10 pollutant levels rise. 41 The American Lung Association confirms that we are breathing more toxic air than ever. 42 No wonder nationwide asthma rates have been soaring in recent years. 43

excerpt from "What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain -
Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock Reveals Shocking Facts."
Published on Apr 7, 2013
Linderman Unleashed Radio Show March 28th 2013 Broadcast.

Curt Linderman speaks with Dr. Blaylock about the devastating health effects of the chemtrails and geoengineering programs which have been implemented in secret without public consent.

Chemtrails, Nanoaluminum and Neurodegenerative and Neurodevelopmental Effects
By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

The Internet is littered with stories of "chemtrails" and geoengineering to combat "global warming" and until recently i took these stories with a grain of salt. One of the main reasons for my skepticism was that i rarely saw what they were describing in the skies. But over the past several years i have noticed a great number of these trails and i have to admit they are not like the contrails i grew up seeing in the skies. They are extensive, quite broad, are laid in a definite pattern and slowly evolve into artificial clouds. Of particular concern is that there are now so many, dozens every day are littering the skies.

My major concern is that there is evidence that they are spraying tons of nanosized aluminum compounds. It has been demonstrated in the scientific and medical literature that nanosized particles are infinitely more reactive and induce intense inflammation in a number of tissues. Of special concern is the effect of these nanoparticles on the brain and spinal cord, as a growing list of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's dementia, Parkinson's disease and Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS) are strongly related to exposure to environmental aluminum.

Nanoparticles of aluminum are not only infinitely more inflammatory, they also easily penetrate the brain by a number of routes, including the blood and olfactory nerves (the smell nerves in the nose). Studies have shown that these particles pass along the olfactory neural tracts, which connect directly to the area of the brain that is not only most effected by Alzheimer's disease, but also the earliest affected in the course of the disease. It also has the highest level of brain aluminum in Alzheimer's cases.

The intranasal route of exposure makes spraying of massive amounts of nanoaluminum into the skies especially hazardous, as it will be inhaled by people of all ages, including babies and small children for many hours. We know that older people have the greatest reaction to this airborne aluminum. Because of the nanosizing of the aluminum particles being used, home filtering system will not remove the aluminum, thus prolonging exposure, even indoors.

In addition to inhaling nanoaluminum, such spraying will saturate the ground, water and vegetation with high levels of aluminum. Normally, aluminum is poorly absorbed from the GI tract, but nanoaluminum is absorbed in much higher amounts. This absorbed aluminum has been shown to be distributed to a number of organs and tissues including the brain and spinal cord. Inhaling this environmentally suspended nanoaluminum will also produce tremendous inflammatory reaction within the lungs, which will pose a significant hazard to children and adults with asthma and pulmonary diseases.

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