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1st February 1970

In the realm of duality we manifest also the opposite of whatever we intend to create therein. We incarnate into duality in order to learn from contrast. The lesson we come to learn from that contrast is ultimately: "Who Am I?", which over the course of experiencing duality, may also be expressed as: "Who Do i choose to Be-Come?", as "who i am in this moment" is the one experiencing the duality of what i have created to learn from, which in duality will contain both "what is my truth" and "what is the opposite of me, my appropriateness, my truth?"

To ascend into non-duality requires not only that we not be attached to a polarity within duality, but that we also have arrived at a sufficient clarity of "know thyself" to no longer be greatly facilitated by duality as the experiential realm we need in order to learn that. While we may express preferences in non-dual realms, when we create them we are not simultaneously creating their opposite as occurs in duality.

One of our dualities is between the overt exposed persona we are doing our best to live, and the covert shadow persona we are denying, also often manifest as our subconscious. As we ascend all is exposed to be seen by all, and we must integrate all of us into a unified whole. An obvious step towards this is full forgiveness, non-judgment, and acceptance of the totality of our being. As we let go of the "reality" of any aspect of us we are expressing or denying within duality, and allow ourselves to play with the polarities without taking them at all seriously, we can easily become more neutral and transcendent, or, conversely, as we transcend our self definition to be merely the witness and creator of interesting experiences, which polarities of duality we have been exploring may be seen as but roles we have been playing, rather than as "who we 'are'", as if that was "real".

With our negative mirror image, we may contemplate, which is more real? the girl or her reflection? Of course, both are real within duality, and which is overt and which the negative mirror image, is completely irrelevant, for together they comprise the whole of whom she truly is :-)

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