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1st January 1970

Here's a pre-healing-session homework assignment appropriate to being cured of some disease: Why did i create my disease? How did it serve me in a positive manner at the time i created it? Why do i keep my disease? How does it presently serve me in a positive manner to keep it now? Of that list of positives, which are still truly positive for me now? Of the list of positive qualities that i wish to have in my life now, how can i get those now, even without having that disease? What are my fears or concerns of what will change in a negative direction if and when i no longer have disease? What does having disease protect me from? Can i see that the choice to have those other things in my life, or not, is actually a separate choice from the choice of having disease? OK, now that I've separated out all of those... what's left? What does disease mean in my life other than: "it's just a temporary limitation i was choosing, and I'm now feeling ready to choose to live without disease?" Am i ready to choose health? Do i now choose health? Do i now release all that is contrary to that health? Do i now trust the divine to deliver the miraculous change of reality? Whether or not you choose to allow me to be the agent of the divine to facilitate the shift, know that spirit will find a way to deliver the shift when you commit to the choice of change. If you get stuck on any of these, or when you're otherwise ready, let me know and I'll take a look at it all psychicly and facilitate the energy shifts in your aetheric / spiritual, mental, astral / emotional, and physical bodies to bring in the reality of health. Faery blessings of health, Aloha, celeste

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