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1st February 1970

crystalfaeries.Net Lawful Notices

Notice to agent is notice to principal
Notice to principal is notice to agents

Privacy Notice

CloudFlare provides a "reverse proxy" front end to our web presence, and should be consulted for their policies affecting privacy.
Standard Server Logs are kept by the corresponding servers. While it is the intent of celeste to not share those logs with anyone voluntarily, except as necessary in rights preservation and defense against cracking, the servers exist within Force Majeure.
The domain pays no attention whatsoever to your "Do Not Track" header information, because we utilize no tracking technology of any kind, except that, we log file accesses or attempts to access by the originating IP address, which our servers have to know in order to respond to your access requests. In the case of cracking attempts, we will (likely) copy the relevant log entries to the ISP of the cracker as necessary evidence that they owe compensation for damages as specified in these terms of service:

Terms of Service

celeste, in order to maintain neutrality, is a sovereign entity independent from all governmental and corporate realities, and has no affiliations, and neither gives nor receives allegiance.

Any information from celeste is for educational purposes only.

All rights claimed, including but not limited to, rights of reproduction and distribution, with respect to all material accessible in the hierarchies of
This affidavit of claim of rights is entirely within the private realm of the independent sovereign celeste, and is a protection of intellectual property in private between private individuals. a declaration of claim of all rights by a private living soul who operates in the world only in private capacity.

In acknowledgement of the nature of publishing on the World Wide Web, you as a private individual are permitted to have your browser and / or proxy cache this content. Also, simple shared proxies such as those operated by Internet Service Providers to speed access to webpages for their customers, are permitted to cache material from, without alteration (e.g. adding cookies), and without content inspection (e.g. deep packet inspection).

Individual documents available from crystalfaeries.Net may carry or reference CopyRight notices which may contradict this notice. The lawful principle of severability shall apply, that only those specifics of this Notice superseded explicitly by such CopyRight Notice, shall be replaced, and other rights not so superseded remain governed by this Notice.

Material presented on these websites but not authored by celeste:crystalfaery, is presented for non-profit educational use, and is sincerely beleived to be in accordance with the doctrines of "Fair Use".

Each party claims all rights, without prejudice. All information and transactions via the server(s) located at {,mail,www} are non negotiable, and are private between the parties, and are offered for educational purposes only, and are not intended to be construed as either financial, legal, psychiatric nor medical advice. Anyone acting on any of the contents herein does so solely on the basis of their own free will choice, and they do so at their own risk and liability.

Any entity or their agents are only permitted to access these servers in private capacity. Any entity, or their agents operating in PUBLIC capacity, e.g. "Residents" or agents of any corpse-oration, including but not limited to those presenting as being a

as, e.g., "THE STATE OF TENNESSEE", are prohibited from accessing content from these servers.
No third party entity or its automated agents are permitted to make use of these servers content or to monitor these servers interactions with those accessing these servers, e.g. Detica, FrontPorch, Nebuad, and Phorm, the NSA, and the GCH, and their Prism and Echelon Dictionaries and similar, are specifically prohibited from proxying any content or inspecting content passing between these servers and a user's browser / client software, e.g. performing deep packet inspection, monitoring traffic or altering traffic (e.g. the addition of cookies, as, e.g. done by KISSmetrics), unless they agree to pay to celeste 1 Oz. Silver per incident per file so monitored or altered, as per the terms and conditions of donations specified at Simple caching and / or proxying without inspection or alteration is permitted without fee.

Accessing crystalfaeries.Net with falsified agent identification or in violation of restrictions imposed by either: the site(s)-wide robots.txt file(s), hereby incorporated by reference, or the robots meta tags within (HTML, etc.) web pages, or attempting to crack server security, e.g., but not limited to, attempts to log-in to any account, constitutes a commercial fraud which creates commercial liabilities in the amount of 1 Oz. of silver coin per access.

Any change is effective immediately for new contracts, while old contracts expire 30 days after notice of change. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you are free to not access the contents or hire my services.

In any case, thou shalt not cause any copies of material from to get published on the web so that those copies appear in search engines.

Further, you as a private individual, operating in private capacity utilizing your own private property computer, may download for your private use, copies of material hereby published, provided that such downloading is in compliance with the limitations imposed by {,mail.}crystalfaeries.Net/robots.txt and the robots metatags contained within webpages, and proper agent identification. As an example, a private individual operating in private capacity using their own private computer, rather than an employee using corporate computers such as those of a corpse-oration employing them, is permitted to use the standard shell command invoking wget thusly:
wget --mirror
because wget by default fully honors robots protocols.

It is prohibited to send via e-mail or any other protocol any file which copy thence being in the possession of celeste:crystalfaery, constitutes receiving of stolen property, or violation of patent or copyright.

Under no conditions shall e-mail be an acceptable form of lawful notice to celeste:crystalfaery, given the extreme volume of fraudulent SPAM which pretends to be lawful notice or legal notice, resulting in an extremely high probability of actually lawful notices being discarded as SPAM, and given the pretense that silence constitutes agreement, only written mail actually signed in non-black ink by a living [mankind] being operating in private status and unlimited liability shall be acceptable as valid lawful notice to celeste:crystalfaery.

celeste:crystalfaery; c/o: General Post Office; Keneke Street - 1; Kilauea; Kaua'i; United States Minor, Outlaying Islands [96754-9998]
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WARNING & LEGAL NOTICE [The Great Disclaimer vs. intrusion by "the Feds"] Information and opinions are intended only for an audience of those who are in private living status, nonresident aliens to all U.S. federal judicial districts, who have their domicile outside the "United States" (as defined at 26 USC §7701(a)(9), (a)(10), & 7408(d)), who work only in the private sector, and thereby do not derive any income from being engaged in the conduct of commerce with or within the "United States".

The character of speech is NOT to be considered factual or commercial speech because the educational information and possible insights enjoy the same literary license the IRS uses where it proclaims in IRM section that: "Publications are nonbinding on the Service and do not necessarily cover all positions for a given issue. While a good source of general information, (IRS) publications should not be cited to sustain a position".

Therefore, "All information, opinions, and beliefs are nonbinding on the author and should not be cited to sustain a position, but are a good source of general information".


  1. Federal workers,
  2. U.S. citizens,
  3. resident aliens,
  4. have a federal domicile as defined at 4 USC §72 & 26 USC §7408(d),
  5. public office holders,
  6. engaged in any federal franchise,
  7. contractually engaged in commercial activity with the foreign corpse-oration(s) fraudulently mis-representing as a "national government", or
  8. those who operate in a representative capacity in behalf of, or for the benefit of, the "national government", e.g. use of an SSN. Any inference on the part of others about the information as being anything other than nonfactual speech can only occur by intentional misapplication by that individual or party.

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