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1st January 1970

Is this true? (One constant, one universal, the only real truth: causality)
We comprehend "cause" to be "choice of vibration / frequency selects one of many parallel-realities", and "effect" is the manifestation of that "reality" by the matrix as the external reflection / echo of ones inner vibration.
The immutable and uncontrollable "causality" is: "What you put out is what you get back".
There is no cause-effect relationship between any parallel realities.
The only realm of "causality" where we have any (free-will) choice is in our choice of internal vibration, our choice of emotional state. We can thus say that choice is "causal", however, preceeding that choice is why we make that choice which then selects the reality which manifests.
But the "why" itself is what?...
A motivation, a reason, a goal, which itself comes from...
yet another choice, yes?
In the final battle between Neo and Smith, Smith asks Neo why he continues to fight to manifest his (free) will (choice), when he knows he cannot win against Smith, and Neo responds: "Because i choose to.", (having earlier in the Matrix trilogy stated that: "I don't like feeling I'm not in control of my life".
Yet the Merovingian tells Morpheus he is wrong in claiming that choice is the beginning of all.
But, then, the Merovingian is claiming that "choice", (for those sheeple in the Matrix), is an illusion created by he (and the other controllers) for the controlled sheeple, a mere illusion, a useless choice between a set of alternatives created by the controllers, each of which serves their purposes...
i.e. that the sheeple have no actual choice over anything "real" because all the "real" choices which are in fact "causal" are made by the controllers, iff we choose to be part of the collective reality created by the controllers... which has been until recently manifest as 4D- Gaia. But, particularly since the 2012-12-21 gateway, "we" have chosen to create a new collective reality, 5D+ Gaia.
As soon as we claim our ability to choose our own internal state we become the causal creator of our own individual reality, which we may choose to align with the New-Gaia collective reality.
Where there is any debility in that, is that our vehicles have been tampered with, our DNA intentionally broken by the controllers, generations ago. However, we as angelic humans have the power to change DNA, primarily, most easily, with the frequencies of emotions we bathe them in. That brings us full circle to our choice of internal state, which we can master being at choice about, regardless what historical echoes of our previous states we are surrounded by, as the "reality" the Matrix is manifesting as a mirror around us.
To summarize:
What you see with your two eyes is your passed past history.
What you see with your 3rd eye is your future.
What you feel in your soul is your present.
By shifting focus between these, you time-travel, or hop time-lines.

We find it obvious that "choice" is "causal" to the "prime mover" in this model of manifestation:

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