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19th October 2017
[Secrets In Lace]

Today is National Stocking Day, and we couldn't be happier to celebrate! We can all celebrate our love for stockings, and we've included some of our favorite fun facts about vintage stockings. Today is the anniversary of the day that nylon stockings were unleashed on the world. Nylon stockings may no longer reside in the top dresser drawer of every self-respecting woman in the developed world, but their historic importance is significant. Stockings have evolved from a clothing necessity to a fashion statement over the years. Nylon was first introduced in New York in 1940, and it was a revelation in the industry. Over 72,000 pairs were sold in the first day alone, and the Japanese silk market collapsed overnight. American department stores saw 64 million pairs of stockings sold in the first year, and manufacturers could not keep up with demand. The first pantyhose made an appearance in the 1940s and 1950s, and were worn mainly in film and theatre productions. Since 1970, sales of pantyhose in America have exceeded sales of stockings.


Back in the 1500's, stockings were known as "hose" and were worn primarily by men. They were knitted by a machine and were usually made from wool, cotton, or silk. It wasn't until the early 1900's that rayon served as a cheaper alternative. Elizabeth I got her very first pair of silk stockings during the 1560's and instantly fell in love. Could you blame her? From then on, she continued to collect stockings in various colors, materials, and designs.
There is also a notable brouhaha regarding the Queen of Spain's Legs in silk stockings.

While stockings are obviously a round shape to fit your leg, fully fashioned stockings are created flat first, and then brought together by the exposed backseam that is so popular in stocking designs.

Nylon was invented by the engineering and research company, DuPont in 1939 and allowed us to create a whole new type of stocking with this material. Unlike rayon, and especially silk, Nylon was not as sensitive to moisture but still had the glossy sheen that made them so attractive. The first batch of Nylon stockings appeared at stores in New York, and over 72,000 pairs were sold just in one day!

You could say we were somewhat addicted to the look of the stockings, during the shortage during World War II stockings were nearly impossible to find. As a result women would paint their legs and actually draw a backseam up the back of their leg! Now that's dedication.

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