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18th September 2016
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Until people ([mankind]) comprehend that Gaia is a sentient living being, that "our" planet is her body, and that therefore it is illegal, immoral and impossible to own even a piece of her body, because such constitutes slavery, there is no hope for [mankind] to survive the changes arriving soon.
It would be really nice to be able to access the entirety of the Goddess-given-to-all planet without having to go-to-war-with Minions of Mammon who arrogantly declare and would war to defend their (criminal claim of) "ownership" of (some portion of) Gaia, and their defiling her body with fences.
Those who insist upon serving only their own interests, shall be relocated to a parallel reality like the old earth reality, so that they may continue their existence.
Those who have achieved at least 51% orientation to service to the all, are eligible to ascend to a higher density reality, to join the advanced races in positive realms.
Now each [mankind] has to choose their own destiny. i love you all and bless your journey of awakening to truth. i am grateful for the blessings of my few friends.

Faery blessings - celeste

Checking with my collective consciousness family of crystal faeries in 8D about the above message...
"This is not the first time [ 2013-12-31, 2014-07-01, 2014-07-16, 2014-07-29 ] you have reached both exasperation and frustration at your inability to awaken others you care so very deeply about, and therefore, again, we must advise you to chill out by releasing all responsibility for them, simply return to holding high vibrations and your vision of New-Gaia in order to facilitate the hop to the parallel-reality of appropriateness for the few souls who are ready for it.
You are in the world in a [mankind] body, but clearly not of the world. Be glad :-)"
-- crystalfaeries

4 steps to Living in Love

As we process and integrate with all the present astrological triggers arriving, we see that both thinking mind and feeling soul are greatly triggered, and with so many Retrogrades, so much of that is old patterns, and mostly they need to be forgiven and released, and their associated miasmas / traumas healed, which, of course, calls for love. We could say that in such process there can be lessons learned, but ultimately the only lesson is to live in love. Well, yes, that's all well and good, we might say... but how?

Firstly, in each moment, the priority is to release the past, through forgiveness. When we reach neutral calm about the past, we simply become bored with it, as in: "I'm not interested in either telling stories of the past, listening to stories of the past, nor recycling emotions about the past, because I've processed all those emotions, learned all the lessons of them, and i clearly cognize that life is in the now.

Secondly, in each moment, the priority is to be in faith and trust, that the future will bring only positive appropriate experience. If we are open to flow with the energies of the moment, if we are open to change to stay in that flow, if we release our need to know everything, if we release our need to control everything, then we can be in the reality our own higher-self intends for us. That also means surrendering our attachments to timing, specific outcomes, and specific paths to outcomes. Is it obvious this is the antidote to fear (about the future)?

Thirdly, and here's where we get into actually living in the now, we have a calm and mostly empty mind (left-brained ego), and a calm and peaceful heart and soul, together in complete acceptance of what is, for what is attracted to us is only our own creation, and even if it be not our preference, leaving behind unpreferred manifestation will only happen by neutral acceptance, "yawn", yeah, i know, i know, it's just a delayed reflection of the energies i previously held in my energy field. Whatever, yeah, it helped me clarify what i don't prefer, so that by inversion, i became clearer about what i do prefer... Yay!

Fourthly, we step into reality creator mode. We imagine in our right brain intuitive center, and in our 3rd eye, our preferred utopia, while in our hearts feeling the confirmation of joy, that it is in alignment with our soul, and we adopt an attitude of gratitude for it being "already done", (which it is in a parallel-reality time-line), and we know that by the law of attraction, we will attract our self into that reality by continuing to hold those frequencies, that image, that joy, that appreciation, inside our energy fields.

This, then, is how we change our own consciousness to change our own reality, the only thing we actually have power over, or the right to have power over, and the only thing even approaching "real" in our experiential life. Because "we are all one", the way we change everyone else, is by changing our self. And that is how we "fix the world".

Faery blessings - celeste

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