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2nd September 2016
[magickal faery cave]

In "Chapter I.-Origin of Fairy Stories" of Fairy Tales, Their Origin and Meaning we find it posited:
"There is one capital thing about Fairy Land. There are no doctors there; not one in the whole country. Consequently nobody is ill, and there are no pills or powders, or brimstone and treacle, or senna tea, or being kept at home when you want to go out, or being obliged to go to bed early and have gruel instead of cake and sweetmeats. They don't want the doctors, because if you cut your finger it gets well directly, and even when people are killed, or are turned into stones, or when anything else unpleasant happens, it can all be put right in a minute or two. All you have to do when you are in trouble is to go and look for some wrinkled old woman in a patched old brown cloak, and be very civil to her, and to do cheerfully and kindly any service she asks of you, and then she will throw off the dark cloak, and become a young and beautiful Fairy Queen, and wave her magic wand, and everything will fall out just as you would like to have it."
Or is that New-Gaia?

i am calling to attention here the statement of cause and effect.
Healers are only part of an unhealthy reality, therefore by chosing a healthy reality, we are devoid of healers :-) yay!

There came a point in my ascension process where i cognized that although I'd spent decades ministering to others as a clairvoyant healer and teacher, that in ascended reality of New-Gaia, everyone is already and always healthy, and everyone is already enlightened and likewise has no need of a teacher. Since it is my sincere wish to dwell in such reality, i concluded that the sooner and the more completely i released any identification with those roles, attachments to being valuable for playing them, or dependence for a living upon performing them, then the sooner the planet could be heaven manifest upon Gaia. Likewise we have no need of money to measure scarcity, for we are all abundant and creative, and give freely of our creations. i already dwell in this reality. I'm doing my best to uplift my community to join me.
The paradigm shift involves releasing the concepts and energies of "work", and shifting from "healing" of what's wrong, to instead live in joyful "play" of creation and (co-)creation of what is right / preferred / desired, and a full comprehension that aspects of "reality" fade away by ignoring them, not by fighting them, therefore war, and the model of "disease caused by pathogens", have always been non-real. Health is created and maintained by a focus upon and a beleif in wholistic oneness, harmony and balance between aspects of the one divine life, rather than illusions of separation, competition, conflict, etc. Likewise, we are all self-aware of the principle of ahimsa. Without the lie of separation, we have no need to define umpteen degrees of separation by groupings of "us" versus "them".

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