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1st September 2016

Amethyst facilitates communion with the psychic and spiritual realms, enhancing intuition and psychic powers of all kinds, including meditation and lucid dreaming, telepathy, clairaudience, and clairvoyance. Its name signifies its facilitation of sobriety of consciousness, which is a necessary basis of perception when accessing higher realms.

Dissonance \Dis"so*nance\, n. [L. dissonantia: cf. F. dissonance.]
n 1: a conflict of people's opinions or actions or characters
2. Want of agreement; incongruity. --Milton. [1913 Webster]

We experience internal dissonance when different parts of us are not in harmony. This can be cognitive dissonance purely in the mind, it can be emotional dissonance purely in the emotions, and frequently it is both when our thoughts about something are in conflict with our emotions about it. The longest lasting are those between our conscious versus subconscious, (between the front versus back of our chakras).
We experience external dissonance most strongly when our individual reality is not in harmony with our environment; the individual reality of another being, or group of beings, and we fail to honor the difference by establishing an energetic boundary between us.
The most prevalent planetary scale dissonance now is between the descending parallel-reality time-lines of the Organic Portal soulless [mankind] and the cyborg, versus the ascending parallel-reality time-lines of the divine angelic [mankind].
In these challenging times when we of the first wave of consciousness ascension (completed as of 2015-09-27 for the first 1/3 of [mankind]), are dwelling in unity consciousness and love but others are still struggling with conflict of will within dualistic consciousness, we are challenged by those around us, who so far refuse to wake-up and "get it". It seems their greatest attachments to old reality are the dual poles of non-self-responsiblity as reality-creator:

Today i was prompted to review the subject of dissonance, and found these:

Revisiting those commentaries involving dissonance, turned-up one of the concepts which is completely different between unity versus dualistic realities, about which i had stated:
"We really don't need the illusion we call money, the point of life is to give as feels appropriate, as much as we are able to advance the good of all. To whatever extent we place values on things, or focus on what we are getting, we are implying scarcity and we get scarcity, and this is exactly the social function which money serves as administered by the world controllers. If we can beleive in 'you get what you put out', then we can focus on opportunities to give more to more people, knowing that what we need, and beyond that, that which is appropriate for us, will arrive, somehow."

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