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20th August 2016
[faeries.2014-11-10-17.04.17 faery emerging from void]

...continuing with yesterdays theme of new reality emerging out of the unknown infinite void of great mystery, i open to share the perspective of the collective consciousness of my family of crystal faeries:
"We begin with the balanced gentle calm of peace of our 8D abode... where we are in repose. This is commensurate with precepts carried by many when contemplating the crystals they have experienced, therefore we direct consciousness to awareness that water, the foundation of biological life, is a crystal, more fluid than the mineral crystals. From there we move back into the source of forms, deeper into the core of the void, to the very sounds of creation. As we speak the 'Ka-Ra-Ya-Sa-Ta-Ha-La', evoking from the void the pure 'Christ Light' of love, which is yet to stabilize into some form, with absolute surrender to be the vehicle of expression of divine source. With that empowerment 'plugged-in', we hop-up to 9D to consult with our team of 17 families of angelics who have been guiding the divine plan of ascension for angelic [mankind], and the ascension portal we caretake over Kaua'i Sovereign Space. Our angelic friends show us Gaia weeping, greiving, catharting, transmuting, purging from her body, duality energies, exactly as i have been doing in mirroring her, with compassion that the dualistic negative energies served a purpose for some souls for a time, but are now being purged from ascended realms, or, more accurately, the merge of densities is completing, they are moving apart so as to no longer overlap. We are moving on with ascension, no longer accomodating those who are not ready or willing to be part of ascended reality, for they are welcome to remain in the 4D- realm of their preference, which we have left behind on our transformation to higher expression. The light of Christos emanating from the void illuminates our 5D+ realm, and as it does so, absent the 4D- dualistic polarization, it expresses as, is experienced as, joy! As we write this we see that some readers interpret that as if an intense drug-rush, but that is not the energy we are conveying, rather, a more subtle, gentle, sustained energy. It says more of 'relax, take a deep breath, everything is flowing appropriately' than it says 'get up and dance to celebrate', though it in no way discourages the celebratory dancing, it clearly says 'we are done with the negative and with conflict'. It is now the time of embodied love."

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