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5th August 2016

More and more, human Gaian, and faery realities are merging :-)

While my primary directive is to be (co-)creating New-Gaia, and to completely avoid entanglements with Old-Ea-Rth, especially anything involving "conflict of will within 4D- duality", (and there is little of 4D- not encumbered by conflict of wills), part of the ascension process is the divergence of "worlds", the separation of 5D+ from 4D- "realities", which may also be described as the frequential separation of the descending 4D- "Armageddon family of time-lines, from the ascending 5D+ "Ascending Divine Angelic Humans" family of parallel-realities.
With that preface in place, i share that this morning upon arising i was triggered with the simple spiritual message "Leo Zagami", a name i have not heard in years. Internet searching showed most mention thereof to be many years old, but what i did find that is relevantly recent was his announcement that there was an announcement from the present "Pope" of his impending resignation, (probably after upcoming "U.S." elections), and his replacement by the "final Pope" before 2020, which is a very significant "sign" within the "Armageddon prophecies" of the 4D- Descending family of time-line parallel-realities.
Many "spiritual prophets of the New-Age" are indicating that 2017 will be a year of great change, therefore, that we have clarification of the latest time when the Armageddon reality will go into the "destruction" which the New-Age parallel-reality is not going to experience, begins to make it rather clear how little longer there can be any merging / co-existence where these realities have not yet completely separated, and therefore, how little more time there is for individuals to choose which one they are living.
Update: 2016-09-29 18:32:07+00:00
This morning's Leo Zagami RSS Feed declared his support for Trump for President as the only hope for good change for THE UNITED STATES.
Well, it was with great pleasure i unsubscribed from that immediately, while giggling uncontrollably... he is after all, a Masonic Illuminati himself.

One of the important differences between the Old-Earth-Armageddon-Mammon-BEAST parallel-reality from the New-Gaia-Ascending-Angelic-Human time-line family, is that in New-Gaia there can be only living ensouled beings, whereas all of Mammon's Corpseorate Fiction / Fraud, and all of Ray Kurzweil's Soulless Cyborgs, cannot ascend to the divine realms. Therefore, for those of us on the ascending time-lines, we are already in the process of releasing the old reality, and replacing all corpseorate-based constructs with creations of harmless acountability, where the sovereign individual is empowered. This does, yes indeed, mean the end of all authority, and all centralized "power", (the domination variety). We divine angelics operate in the true power of direct creation of reality, and one of the first trends successfully now manifesting on our temporary technological substitute for our ascended reality of complete clairvoyance and full telepathic ability for all, is the replacement of centralized authorities of identity.

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