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2nd August 2016

10:44HST Sun (Leo) Con (Leo) Moon (New Moon)
Lady Godiva Day

i recently received a snail-mail letter from a Kaua'ian thanking me, (and my family of crystal faeries), for keeping organic life here safe from "natural" destruction:
"Hope all's well in your universe. Thank you for protecting Kaua'i from storms and other unwanted energies. i rest easier knowing that it's your mission and intent to keep us all safe."
i plea to you all to cooperate with, honor, respect, and care-take Gaia so that she does not have to destroy you to protect herself from you!
While i am committed to my ahupua'a, (watershed), of Kilauea and set the energy levels to ascension here, you all need to caretake your own ahupua'a!

Yay! Today i shared with another who is on the verge of making congruent their intent by terminating their contracts of corpseorate allegiance! i know this is a big step for many, yet one which more and more are awaking to! When we comprehend that it is up to the living souls upon the land to reclaim it from the zombies adrift on admiralty, the path becomes quite clear!

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