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14th July 2016

Today we are experiencing energetics brought to us by our dolphin friends :-)
"As we and our whale friends re-weave the energetic grids of consciousness ascension and higher-density activations uplifting Gaia's light-body, we ask you crystal faeries to update your Kaua'i ascension portal correspondingly, and to re-examine the entire chain of "Hawaiian isles" from both [mankind] and faerie perspectives."
-- Dolphins

"As we sense our entire ascension portal network and specifically its Kaua'i node, we do indeed find it all in order with and tracking the energetic activations from the Galactic core, and in alignment with your updates in the ocean and with Gaia's ley-lines, and specifically the Kilauea ley-line being such a focal point, all looks in alignment, however, as you have brought to our attention, there is recent shifting in the energetics of other islands than Kaua'i, which we had been leaving alone to your (dolphin and whale) mothering, and in honoring of the previous unwillingness and unreadiness for shift, of the [mankind] on the other islands. However, as we look today, it is indeed time to be aware of new potentials and probabilities with other isles.
What we notice the most is incongruent / conflictory energies with our neighbor Ni'ihau, which is both suffering from the prioritization of military agendae in the present and future, and still unhealed from a condition of wounding of the [mankind] who are not in present time there. We now take karmic liability under the law of ahimsa to bring Ni'ihau into congruence in present time, and then to unite it with Kaua'i within the protection of our ascension portal, which we now extend out to its full 200 mile radius in the direction of Ni'ihau, now including Ni'ihau as part of Kaua'i's sovereign space, now being Kaua'i+Ni'ihau sovereign space combined.
We note this is equivalent to uniting Ajna and Crown chakras of the Hawaiian isles."
-- Crystal Faeries 2016-07-14 21:36:57+00:00
[ Note that remaining unchanged is the boundary between Kaua'i and O'ahu at half-way between their shores -- celeste ]

"We agree."
-- Dolphins

"We similarly preceive it is time to unify Lo'ihi and Hawai'i energetics, but we leave that to our ocean family to facilitate."
-- Crystal Faeries

"We were waiting for the corresponding union of Kaua'i and Ni'ihau, thank you."
-- Dolphins

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