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11th July 2016

As we enter MoonDay on the Half-Moon, (sun square moon), pausing to feel any tensions between the squaring yin and yang energies, we sense the gentle flowing and accepting yin building consensus of harmony, while Mars aggressive energies disturb the energy fields, thus, i turn to my astrological charts to observe what is being stirred up with Mars...
Mars in Scorpio and 5th House: Today's will, energy, activity, and aggressive, assertive tendencies is penetrating, suspicious, introspective, and desires to transform and remove outer masks. Most often this manifests in the area of life dealing with finding joy, pleasure, and creative expression. This is a major aspect of their psyche!
So, any false-persona we present to partner or society must fall, in order to have true creative expression of soul's essence, which is the only sustainable path to pleasure and joy of thriving.
Mercury Trine Mars: Today's thoughts, intellect, and communicative activity is always in harmony with their will, energy, activity, and aggressive, assertive tendencies.
And so it's time to "have a chat about our relationship", as communication will be effective, and the discussion should include our feelings about our roles, and our role expectations, about both ourselves and other, all of which need to be shed now.
Venus Trine Mars: Today's creativity, tendencies for affection and calmness, and relationship needs is somewhat in harmony with their will, energy, activity, and aggressive, assertive tendencies.
Yes, love's core relationship is enough in harmony to weather the challenging discussions du jour!
Mars Sextile Jupiter: Today's will, energy, activity, and aggressive, assertive tendencies has some opportunity for growth, exchange, and harmony in relation with their enthusiastic, faithful, wise, expansive, spontaneous nature.
Yay planetary support for that "talk about our relationship"!
Mars Trine Chiron: Today's will, energy, activity, and aggressive, assertive tendencies is always in harmony with their ability to help, heal, and teach others, and where one has much experience.
Where we finally address any inner (especially emotional) "wounds", forgive them, get over them, release them, and be healthy!
Naturally, all of these apply equally well to the relationship between the inner yin and yang of both women and men!

Will to Change


This evening we are again channelling our family of crystal faeries:
"We appreciate the 3 recent 18-hour days you've given us from the middle of the night, and we have accomplished much positive energetic work as well as valuable writings, (not that we won't awake you again in the middle of the night :-), but for now we have a simpler message related with a particular issue and customer with whom you are struggling to provide your usual goal of "perfect" guidance, but you must do as your teacher advised you so long ago and release any and all responsiblity for another's reality, and know that you have succeed in going far beyond the minimum requirements for ethical guidance in counseling. Let go of what cannot be accomplished when others are simply unwilling, and / or unmotivated. That they have spoken positive words, which "hooked you in", you must release, for having bashed and thrashed with this for a few days now, you can clearly see that they are in no way prepared at all, to follow through with will and action, commensurate to that which they requested from you, so just drop it and stop struggling!
Yes, this does echo our old admonition to cease perfecting old time-lines!"

So many people want the outer to change without changing the inner, and in many cases are even willing to "buy" the change, as long as they don't have to do any "work", and the necessary work is always that of making inner change. The only way anything changes is by being willing to change ones own inner choices, and the frozen forms of those known as beliefs, or "pictures of reality". The necessary changes are to end interpretation of experiences to mean anything which results in a lower emotional state. We choose to rewire our subconscious to cease interpreting experience in negative ways that produce negative emotions, or any other drop in frequency. Only our conscious awareness of our emotional state, and our conscious intent to create that in highest vibration, can shift our experience. We have to be grounded in our bodies, run our energy, and blow-up pictures of reality!

For those of us participating in ascension, there has come the realization that the only functional paradigm starts with the cognizance that we each individually are already "creator god(desse)s", and that we are already fully responsible as the creator of our own reality. It's all about ones own consciousness. There is nothing "out there" to change.

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