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10th July 2016
[music.2016-02-28.devic_queendom.052 Fae hovering with birds holding end-blown flute]

'Good morning', greets i, the sleepy fae girl, arising at 03:13 HST to channel in the quietest part of the day, brewing my first mug of choco-tea to sip while tuning in to the collective consciousness of my family of crystal faeries...
"There is for us a calm and quiet celebration of the flow of energies of ascension, the quiet humming of divine flow through our ascension portal network, the progressive awakening and upliftment of the consciousness of so many beings, and a cautious optimism of expansive expression as more beings are inhabiting higher densities. As our Kaua'ian voice on Gaia, and in response to the previous evening's triggering and connection, we do indeed presage new and further co-operations and co-creations furthering the expression of divine grace in moving your beloved ahupua'a (watershed) of Kilauea forward in expressing the liberation to higher consciousness.

That your discussion touched upon the liberation of the 'aina (land) from old governance (statutory occupation) is a key issue to be addressed, and as with all things, we see the answer being transcendent beyond the old 4D- fallen illusions. That your discussion touched upon the participation of those beings of allegiance to their group known as Atooi, it is also time to clarify and seek areas of aligned will for positive synergy."

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