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19th June 2016

As many beings today break from daily routine to honor the fathers of the world, we focus upon the divine masculine archtype, in multidimensional ways, from the spiritual down through the astral into the physical where we see the masculine principle in [mankind], animal, and plant realms. In traditions which honor the masculine in "nature" this is often symbolized by the GreenMan, here exemplified in a "door knocker", which in this case is also hinting the typical symbology of the divine goddess and her crescent moon, this goddess being of fae. Today, however, we are in full moon phase, which astrologically from earthly standpoint is the sun (masculine) in opposition to the moon (feminine), which can be both a blessing hightening sexual polarity, making for intense passion for lovers, or can lead to conflict or difficult communications, especially with yesterday's
(Sat) 6/18/2016 8:48 Moon (Sag) Opp (Gem) Mercury
placing mental communications opposite emotional feelings, therefore may there be forgiveness for any miscommunications or misunderstandings or "bad" feelings from the past, or of today, overcoming any conflict, that the polarities may come to honoring each other, with compassion and love.

As both Mars and Saturn are Retrograde, this is a time of reviewing our past factors of rules, law, war, and sternness, which we may view as a negative aspect of the masculine. As one of my favorite old-time mundane astrologers, Rollin Frost, was fond of pointing out, the appropriate role of the functional Mars energy, the role of the "army of men", is not to wage war on their brothers, but to come together to cooperate in building, creating projects for the public good, creating things larger than one man alone can practically build, but which many brothers together can easily co-create.
As Ian Lungold called our attention to notice, men alone can run off and do way too much of the wrong thing, or even too much of a good thing, without the divine feminine guiding them, with values, as to what is worthy of being "fathered", therefore either the divine feminine principle within each man, or his female partner, or the women of the culture, need to clearly communicate to the masculine creative energies, goals, ideals, principles, purposes, that are worthy pursuits, for the creative masculine energies to "father". Because the astrological influences this "father's day" are saying, "look at where the feminine and masculine are in opposition, look at the past, look at the rigid structures of the patriarchy (Saturn), review, forgive, release, reevaluate what was, and why... and question... what now is our perspective of the best possible uses of the creative masculine energies, within all of us, both male and female, can we resolve the conflict or opposition into agreement, can we release fear-based structures and rigidity, and move into trust and faith and love in flow of the moment, cocreating as a global village at peace, can we return to harmony with nature?" Can the individual man of today, stand up to his own father, to his surrogate father (government), to the stern Saturn (patriarchy), and say resoundingly "NO!" to war, mind-control, tyrrany, excessive legislation and police, to raping mother Gaia's body (destruction of our ecosystem), and to the soulless pseudo-life of machine artificial-intelligence, and to the soulless zombies of corpseorations, can he come out of Mammon, say no to being merely a civilly dead surety for a cestui que vie trust corpseoration, stand in his divine life as "god incarnate", as a peaceful man upon the land, rather than a civilly dead "citizen" upon the high-seas of commerce (fiscal warfare), release the R-complex reptilian territoriality, competition, warfare, better-than, win-lose paradigm, and instead come to wholeness in the one whologram of all life, unite with all his brothers, and say: "let us together rebuild the world in harmony with nature!"?
And so i call upon our fathers to find their inner "greenman", who is part of the "army of construction engineers" planting trees to expand the forest, rather than part of the army of death and destruction cutting down the rainforest, which we all need to have fully active transforming our waste products (CO2 from people, animals, machinery) into life-supporting O2 we can all breathe!

Yay Fathers! What are you choosing to Father, today?
... and what are you teaching your sons, by example?

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