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14th June 2016

As today begins "Runic 1/2 Month of Dag (day): opening, a door to good things", (aside from the obvious that it's getting late in the season to complete spring cleaning :-), now is an excellent time for intention to manifest the highest of light frequencies.
The Full Moon on the 20th will gateway into 2nd Quarter Day - Summer Solstice.
As for myself I'm still in-transit, in-between, between parallel-reality time-lines, though my higher self assures me the only thing i need to pay any attention to at all is keeping my frequency as high as possible, while in complete neutrality. OK...
Oh, yes, and... have patience, i.e. stay in the eternal now moment of no-time :-)
i am very much witnessing with detached be-musement the human insanities and inanities around me of the chaotic time-node we're passing through.

Beyond the intending of a reality, is the adopting the fantasy of it, the imagined reality, as real: Faery magick.

So, what is the silly faery creating?
New-Gaia in Kilauea, of course!
Please share the intent for ascension!

i was prompted by an e-mail from a "friend" who was operating in "reactive mode", being a victim of collective reality created expressly by enslavers to mind-control slaves into a state of consciousness to "be consumers of" a reality created for them, and sold to them, by "the power elite", which is keeping the sheeple pre-occupied wasting their energies (being fed upon by the AR.KHANs), in conflict of will, fighting within 4D- reality over what 4D- reality "should become". While the righteous slave can feel noble for their righteous fight for the "good", still their energies are fed upon by AR.KHANs rather than changing "reality". i continue to espouse that the lower realms are being left behind by the portion of humanity which is ascending, and that already the New-Gaia is without any of these problems, therefore the only productive use of ones energy is in ascending ones self.

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