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13th June 2016

The goddess is alive and magic is a-foot. :-)

"If you don't find God[dess] in the next person you meet, it is a waste of time looking for [her] further."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

(Mon) 6/13/2016 10:42 Neptune [Pis] S/R
Energy representing intuitive, spiritual, compassionate, psychic nature will tend to manifest in an independent, backward, introverted manner.


In the ongoing saga of securing ones computing, recent security notices had brought to light that there was a RAT on the loose which was coded in the JAVA language, and therefore, regardless what one does to prevent such from gnawing a hole in ones perimeter defenses to take up residence, it would be unable to do anything at all, if one did not have installed any JAVA Runtime Environment software. Those of us in the FLOSSware world (e.g. Linux™) have been accustomed to dealing with MicroSoft™ file formats by our use of the once popular Star Office which morphed to become Open Office which morphed to become Libre Office, all based on the JAVA programming language, therefore, to finally remove the JRE was to also finally learn to live without any version of "Office".

So, i contemplated, what would i ever need such for?
i have only ever used my LibreOffice to convert documents, or to generate my "Business Card", and i quickly found a replacement in the program glabels, which was actually easier to use to make a new business card.
Therefore, i set about finding ways to convert both Closed Office and Open Office documents into non-word-processing-suite formats, from, e.g.:

to two favorite document formats my world revolves around:

While it will probably continue to evolve as i encounter other document formats to handle, I've hacked a generic converter :-)

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