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10th May 2016

With but a crescent of a moon in our sky, and finally one of our 6 retrograde planets stationed direct, (Mon) 5/ 9/2016 2:14 Jupiter (Vir) S/D, and the moon happily exalted in its own sign, (Mon) 5/ 9/2016 7:23 Moon (Gem) --> Cancer, things are less oppressive, more optimistic, a gentler flow of greater peace and grace... and having spent MoonDay clearing negative future time-lines from our Kilauea probabilities, we cleared the path for Mars day to be constructive building rather than warrior conflict. Our faery picture du jour links to a nice music track. If you're not yet configured to play ogg/theora/vorbis, instructions are here.

Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death is only worth watching if you would prefer to live.

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