crystal faeries

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31st December 2015

"Angels", "Faeries", "Higher Selves", "Guides", etc. are only some of the ways we interpret non-physical realms via our "Extra-(physical) Sense(-ory)" Perceptions.

i and my family of ishnaans from tomril are the crystal faeries, whom, having completed our star-seed mission of assisting the 1st wave of ascension, my interest now is playing my flute, sharing some music, and playing as a flirty flutey faery. We caretake the ley-lines and the watershed of Kilauea, Kaua'i, the sovereign bubble of Kaua'i, [ including Ni'ihau ] and are uninterested in dualistic games.

If you are connecting to share frivolous giggles and play, then you are one of my priorities. If you're connecting to co-create ascended Gaia, that's my next priority. If you seek to hire me to help you ascend to nonduality, that's a foundational priority.

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