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19th October 2015

Faery blessings of beauty and thriving living.


National Stockings Day is October 19th, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate!

Stockings have evolved from a clothing necessity to a fashion statement over the years. The stocking originally started as a trend for men and before 1590 stockings were made of woven cloth crafted by the first knitting machines. English churchman Reverend William Lee invented the world's first knitting machine and started to make hosiery out of cotton, wool and silk. This trend ran until the 1930s when stockings were worn simply for warmth, but as hemlines became shorter and shorter, stockings became more mainstream and a symbol of sexuality. Nylon was first introduced in New York in 1940, and it was a revelation in the industry. Over 72,000 pairs were sold in the first day alone, and the Japanese silk market collapsed overnight. American department stores saw 64 million pairs of stockings sold in the first year, and manufacturers could not keep up with demand. The first pantyhose made an appearance in the 1940s and 1950s, and were worn mainly in film and theatre productions. Since 1970, sales of pantyhose in America have exceeded sales of stockings.


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